Kid Rock Fired As Grand Marshal Of Nashville Christmas Parade Over Joy Behar Comments

Kid Rock has been fired as Grand Marshal of Nashville's Christmas parade over remarks he made about the View co-host Joy Behar on Fox & Friends on Friday, Rolling Stone is reporting.

On Friday, as reported by the Inquisitr, Kid Rock (real name: Robert James Ritchie) was being interviewed in Nashville by a remote Fox & Friends crew when the subject of the tense and divisive mood in the country came up. Rock suggested that political correctness and a general sense of uptightness ruled the day, making it easy for people to be offended, and that things would be better if everyone just lightened up. Except for Joy Behar.

"People need to calm down, get a little less politically correct and I would say you know, love everybody. Except, screw that Joy Behar b***h."
The remark caught the Fox & Friends hosting panel off-guard, so much so that co-host Steve Doocy apologized and chided Rock for the remark ("you cannot say that, we apologize for that.") Further, co-host Ainsley Earhardt also apologized when the cameras cut back to the show's studios in New York.

Besides getting himself an immediate and on-air dressing-down from the Fox & Friends cast, it appears now that Rock's remarks have cost him his job as the Grand Marshall of Nashville's Christmas parade.

Over in Nashville, parade organizers were quick to distance themselves from Kid's remarks. In a joint statement, parade sponsors Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Piedmont Natural Gas, and Tennessee Holiday Productions all said that Kid Rock's former job would go to James Shaw Jr. Shaw, for those not familiar, is considered a local hero in Nashville for having thwarted a mass shooting at a suburban Nashville Waffle House in April, according to Variety.
"Parade organizers feel that the grand marshal should personify the spirit of the Nashville community and have invited James Shaw, Jr., who became a community hero after stopping a shooting at a local Waffle House earlier this year, to be honored."
Meanwhile, Rock has apologized - sort of - for the remark about Behar. On Facebook, Kid said he shouldn't have used naughty language on live TV, but that he will not apologize for his feelings about Behar.
"I apologized for cursing on live tv, I will not for my sentiment nor do I expect an apology from her or anyone else who has choice words for me or doesn't like me."
Behar, for her part, invited Kid Rock to come to the View any time he would like to discuss things.