‘B&B’ Recap For Friday, November 30: Brooke Floored That Taylor Shot Bill

Gilles ToucasCBS

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, November 30 states that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Hope (Annika Noelle,) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) were still arguing about whether Liam’s (Scott Clifton) sole focus should be on the newborn once she was born, per Soap Central. Hope told Taylor that if she couldn’t accept the status quo, it was best if she left L.A. Taylor was shocked that Hope could suggest that because Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Kelly (Zoe Pennington) needed her.

“No one is going to tell me that I have to get out of my daughter’s life, and anyone who tries to push me out of it will regret it.”

Steffy was very upset that Liam had told Hope that her mother had shot Bill. Liam defended himself by saying that Hope deserved to know. He felt that the safety of Hope, their unborn child, and Kelly was at stake. Steffy opined that Taylor’s behavior was a one-time incident. Liam had effectively put a target on Taylor’s back. She told Liam that Taylor would freak out when she learned that Hope knew her secret. Liam begged her not to tell Taylor.

Back in the Forrester Creations studio, Brooke noted that Taylor sounded insane, per She Knows Soaps. Hope seemed pensive, then told her mother that she was concerned about her. She then revealed that Taylor shot Bill. Brooke was shocked that the good psychiatrist was the one who almost ended Dollar Bill’s life.

In the meantime, Taylor interrupted Liam and Steffy’s conversation. She told them that she had just confronted Hope and Brooke. Steffy reminded her mother that they are all a family now. Her mother apologized but still felt that but for Bill’s interference, Steffy and Liam would be together raising Kelly now. She said that Brooke and Hope were wrong.

Two models told Zoe (Kiara Barnes) that they had a surprise visitor for her. A man peeked around the door and yelled, “Surprise!” An obviously confused Zoe asked, “Dad? You’re here?” Dr. Reese Buckingham told his daughter that he was doing research at the local hospital as part of an exchange program. Zoe then realized that her father had moved to L.A., and wasn’t just visiting.

Xander (Adain Bradley) entered the room, and was surprised to see Reese. The men greeted each other, with Reese letting Xander know that he was upset with him when he left his daughter. Reese said that he hadn’t been there enough for Zoe growing up and planned to spend more time with her now. Reese asked his daughter for a hug, and the two shared an awkward embrace.