Donald Trump, Jr ‘Very Worried’ About Being Indicted, Mueller Reported To Have The Evidence In Place

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump, Jr. is reported to be “very worried” that special counsel Robert Mueller is going to indict him next.

“Don’s been telling people he’s very worried after today,” Vanity Fair quoted a source as saying after it emerged that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, had lied to Congress about the real estate deal involving the Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen said in his guilty plea that a negotiation involving the project continued well into 2016, at the same time when Trump asked Russian president Vladimir Putin to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

“I knew at the time in that I asserted that all efforts had ceased in January 2016, [that] in fact they continued until June 2016,” Cohen has reportedly admitted.

And while Don, Jr. himself has not corroborated Cohen’s statements, he told the Senate committee last year that he was “peripherally aware” of the deal, but refused to acknowledge that he had played an active deal in the negotiations.

“Like I said, I was peripherally aware of it, but most of my knowledge has been gained since as it relates to hearing about it over the last few weeks,” Don, Jr. had said at the time.

However, Cohen has admitted that he had discussed the details of the deals to Trump’s family members, most likely referring to Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump, as reported by Law and Crime.

“Trump Jr. was also asked whether he was aware of Cohen’s attempts to contact a Kremlin representative before those attempts were reported on in the media. He replied, ‘No, I was not.'”

As noted by NYU Law Chaired Professor Ryan Goodman, the developments present a contrast in the statements made by Cohen and Trump, Jr.

The understanding is that if special counsel Mueller is interested in Cohen’s lies to Congress in the context of the Moscow Project, it stands to reason that he would be equally interested in whether or not Trump, Jr. perjured himself when giving his testimony. Moreover, anyone who has followed the special counsel’s investigation over the last couple of years would know that he has already gotten a number of Trump associates to plead guilty to making false statements under oath.

With Cohen’s admission of having perjured himself to Congress and signing a plea deal with the special counsel now, the Trump camp is in the dark over Mueller’s next move. While the feeling is that Mueller might be training his guns on bigger targets, his immediate interest seems to be on Trump, Jr. It is little wonder, then, that Trump’s firstborn is “very worried” right now.