Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Photo Of Her 3-Year-Old Son As The Family Decorates For Christmas

Jason KempinGetty Images

Carrie Underwood is getting ready for the Christmas season and it looks like her efforts wore out her 3-year-old son. In the superstar singer’s latest Instagram post, she shared a peek at little Isaiah and fans can’t even stand how adorable the photo is.

As fans of Carrie Underwood’s know, she has one son, Isaiah, with husband Mike Fisher and they are expecting another baby boy soon. In fact, she recently confirmed that their family’s new addition is due to arrive sometime in January and she has even joked about how she’s wearing husband Mike’s clothing now that she’s so pregnant.

Decorating the house for Christmas can be a big job when you’re that pregnant, but it looks like both Mike and Isaiah were at Carrie’s side helping throughout the day on Friday. Well, they were helping until Underwood’s little guy hit his limit and was too pooped out to continue.

Carrie posted a sweet shot to her Instagram page Friday evening showing Mike holding a sleeping Isaiah. Underwood said that even Santa’s helper gets tired getting ready for the holiday season, and the little boy had a large Santa hat on his head as he snuggled into his daddy’s embrace.

Underwood’s success has led to a following of 8.1 million people on Instagram and her fans really love any post that shows off Isaiah. In this case, nearly 61,000 of Carrie’s fans liked this particular photo of Isaiah in just 30 minutes. Hundreds commented and everybody agreed that it was a cute, sweet, and precious photo.

The country singer’s husband shared another precious tidbit featuring Isaiah not long ago, as the Inquisitr detailed. Fisher posted a video to his Instagram Stories showing the little boy singing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It looks as if Carrie and Mike’s little guy is already taking after his mama with a love for singing and he’s already quite the scene-stealer.

Carrie has had her fair share of tough times in the past few years, but she seems to be in a pretty great place right now. Underwood has opened up about having had multiple miscarriages during her marriage to Fisher, and she went through a difficult patch a while ago after taking a fall at her home and needing surgery on her face.

Luckily, these days it seems that things are all falling into place for Carrie Underwood, her husband Mike Fisher, and their little boy Isaiah. The trio will welcome their new family member in just a matter of weeks now and fans cannot wait to get the scoop on their new baby boy.