New Jersey Principal Claims She Gets Paid Almost $145,000 To Do Nothing

New Jersey principal Paula Santana claims she gets paid $143,156 per year to do virtually nothing. The veteran administrator refers to her “principal on assignment” position as an insult. The Paterson area woman suffers from a respiratory disorder and was transferred to her new position in the summer of 2012.

Paula Santa feels that her transfer to position with virtually no responsibilities stems from a conflict with the state district superintendent, the Paterson Press reports. During a meeting in 2011, the New Jersey principal suffered a breathing incident which forced her to leave a meeting with the district superintendent. The medical incident reportedly made it hard for her to attend a follow-up meeting as well.

Not long after her early exit from the meeting with the superintendent, Santana received a poor evaluation for the first time in her 30-year career. Statements noted in a complaint filed by the New Jersey principal not that she would be responsible for “compliance reporting.” The Paterson school official noted that she had no training in the area.

After starting in the new position, Santana claims she soon realized that she was merely being “placed out of the way.” The former building principal maintains she had no duties or functions in the new work assignment. Santana also stated that some other principals on assignment as worked really hard, AOL notes. One Paterson principal on assignment is reportedly working on improving attendance and the registration process. The Paterson Public Schools website published a six-page description of the duties of non-building principals.

At the beginning of the school year Paterson Public Schools had eight individuals designated as principals on assignment. The roving New Jersey principals reportedly take a $950,000 chunk out of the school budget. Paula Santana’s complaint remains in litigation.

Do you think principals on assignment salaries are a good use of taxpayer funds?

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