Former WWE Superstar Scott Steiner Has Been Appearing In The Strangest Photos Lately


The Steiner Brothers are one of the most well-known and respected tag teams in professional wrestling history, but things have soured a bit in their later years. Both Rick and Scott Steiner still appear on the independent circuit, but it’s the latter who has changed drastically over time. One never knows what they’re going to get with Scott Steiner, and the recent photos of him showing up online lately will prove that.

Scott Steiner hasn’t been a member of WWE since 2004, but he has wrestled all over the world and against numerous superstars. He’s been a part of TNA Impact Wrestling, World Wrestling Council, and been almost everywhere on the independent scene as well.

While “Big Poppa Pump” has been in the ring with numerous big and small names over the years, there was a pic that popped up online recently and it was quite interesting. Wrestling Inc. took notice of the image as they were heading to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, last week for the big three-day WrestleCade event.

There is a good chance that the trip together was planned as it’s just too freakish to be a coincidence, but it is responsible for an amazing photo. Longtime wrestling fans will love seeing it and also be a little taken back by the seat partners on the flight.

Scott Hall posted the photo and it shows the “Bad Guy” sitting next to Buff Bagwell while Scott Steiner is across the aisle and sitting next to Carlito. All four have spent time in WWE, while all of them but Carlito were in WCW and members of the New World Order (nWo).

Steiner and Bagwell actually feuded for quite a while in WCW before both ended up joining the nWo and partnering up for tag team matches.

Scott Steiner is now 57-years-old, and it isn’t going to be possible for him to wrestle forever. That kind of profession takes its toll on a person’s body and as wrestlers get older, they simply can’t continue to perform in the ring at the necessary level.

That’s why Steiner has outside interests and he even opened his very own Shoney’s restaurant back in April of 2016. At the grand opening in Acworth, Georgia, former nWo members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Jeff Jarrett were on hand to support their friend.

This past weekend, a couple of fans were at that particular Shoney’s and happened to run into Scott Steiner and legendary wrestling announcer Tony Schiavone.

Scott Steiner is one of those superstars who will go down in the record books of professional wrestling even though he’s been involved in a feud with WWE for years. He’s likely going to be one of those who will wrestle until his body simply won’t let him anymore, but he is also looking out for his future. No matter what, he’s extremely recognizable and seeing him anywhere is a true sight for any wrestling fan.