New York Mets Reportedly ‘Motivated’ To Trade Noah Syndergaard

Adam HungerGetty Images

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard has been the subject of some unexpected trade rumors of late, with reports that the Big Apple team is “motivated” to send him elsewhere ahead of the upcoming season next spring.

As reported by Yahoo Sports, FanGraphs’ Kiley McDaniel took to Twitter on Thursday with a surprising message for his followers.

“Sources: Mets are motivated to trade Noah Syndergaard with GM Brodie Van Wagenen initiating talks w/multiple clubs. Expectation is he will be traded this winter, FA SP will be signed to fill his spot. deGrom is off limits w/NYM hoping for extension. BVW used to be agent for both,” McDaniel wrote.

It seems a strange move from the Mets who are looking to bring in Robinson Cano from the Mariners, especially since Syndergaard is still coming cheap for the team for the value he brings to the team. At the moment, Syndergaard is still under Mets control for the next few years, and will have no say in the matter if the Mets decide to trade him in. Rumors are abound that he is headed to Florida come spring.

On Friday, Syndergaard appeared to respond to the trade rumors with a tweet of his own.

By the sounds of that message, as far as Syndergaard is aware, he is still set to pull on the Mets kit in the upcoming season, but if the side gets a decent enough return on a trade, they could still pull the trigger on his time in New York.

Responses to McDaniel’s original tweet sharing the rumors were not welcoming of the potential trade at all, with some declaring their undying hatred for the Mets if they get rid of Syndergaard, who has been a star player for them. One fan even warned what the trade would do to the team in terms of their supporters.

“Pulling the trigger on trading Thor.. It’s a great way to quickly lose the fanbase.”

Others directly warned that trading Syndergaard for Cano will be the end of their support for the Mets.

“Hi Kiley. This tweet seared my eyebrows off and made Me bleed from my ears. I’ve lost all will to live and I cannot bear to hear any of these words in any context ever again. Please never tweet this again. Thanks!” one follower wrote, with another adding, “I don’t know who you are……but I don’t like you. There, I said it.”