‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: The Investigation Into Kiki’s Murder Takes Twists And Turns

Todd WawrychukABC

The week of December 3-7 will be a wild one according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Kiki Jerome is dead, but nobody has any idea that Ryan Chamberlain is to blame. Instead, Dr. Griffin Munro is being questioned and Friday’s cliffhanger left him in a faceoff with Kiki’s furious mother Ava Jerome. Where will things head next?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that “Kevin” will tell Julian about the bullets he found in Ava’s room and perhaps nudge Julian to worry that his sister is dangerous. At the police station, Griffin will surely be frantic over being handcuffed to the table as Ava confronts him. However, Alexis, Anna, Jordan, Chase, or someone else will likely interrupt and get Ava out of there fairly soon.

SheKnows Soaps says that during the upcoming week, Griffin will try to convince the authorities that he had nothing to do with Kiki’s death, despite the knife being found at his place. General Hospital spoilers note that Curtis will uncover some information that he thinks might be helpful to Jordan, and both Jordan and Chase will uncover clues related to the investigation.

Jordan will apparently become obsessed with this case quite quickly and teasers hint that Chase may be the one to determine there’s likely a connection between Mary Pat and Kiki’s murders. Sasha will be asked to spend some time at the station answering questions, and Ava will be put on the spot at some point.

According to Soap Central, Julian will get irate and lash out during the coming week, but no additional context has been revealed yet. It may be that in his grief and anger over Kiki he perhaps lashes out at Kim, but all signs point toward the two leaning on one another in the weeks to come.

Also on the way during the week of December 3, General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s more with Sam and Jason ahead. He’s been very patient letting her take her time in deciding what comes next for her romantically, but these two are having a tough time holding back.

Sam will soon be getting a pleasant surprise of some sort, and later in the week she has something to share with Alexis. In addition, Jason will receive news of some kind late in the coming week.

Franco and Elizabeth were shattered to learn of Kiki’s death and it seems Franco will turn to some art therapy to cope with his grief. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the week ahead brings Sonny and Margaux back together and Lulu will cross paths with Willow.

There’s more with Britt on the way too, as Anna will apparently hedge her bets that Obrecht will ultimately find she can’t resist returning to Port Charles to check on her daughter. What about the Finn and Hayden situation? There don’t seem to be any spoilers out yet regarding this developing storyline and fans are anxious to get more information.

What will it take for Ryan’s schemes to be uncovered? Who will Ryan target next? General Hospital spoilers reveal that things will be intense in the coming days and fans won’t want to miss these next few episodes.