Majority Of Republicans Now Believe Climate Change Is Real, New Poll Finds


While many Republican politicians have denied the existence of climate change in the past, a new poll conducted by Monmouth University is now saying that most Republican voters now believe it is indeed an issue, Independent is reporting. Sixty-four percent of Republicans now believe that climate change is real, which is a significant increase from a 2015 survey that documented only 49 percent of Republicans believing in it. Only 25 percent regard it as a “very serious” problem, however. This is a pretty low number in comparison to 82 percent of Democratic voters who believe the problem to be “very serious.” In total, 54 percent of Americans regard climate change as “very serious.”

The new survey also discovered that most Americans believe that we have enough time to reverse the effects. On the other hand, most Americans also believe that our current government is incapable of making the proper efforts to contribute to this reversal. These opinions come after controversial comments made by President Donald Trump, who stated he didn’t believe that climate change existed. He once cited his belief was due to snowfall occurring in New York. Trump’s administration has also made significant efforts to roll back on current environmental regulations as well as boost the fossil fuel industry.

Despite Trump identifying as a member of the Republican Party, Patrick Murray, the director of Monmouth University Polling Institute, stated that these new results show that Republican voters are shifting their opinion on the matter.

“The president has cast doubt on the existence of climate change, even though a majority of his fellow Republicans now acknowledge it as a reality,” said Murray in a statement. “Of course, the poll was conducted earlier this month, so it is entirely possible that some of his supporters have changed their minds again now that Trump has weighed in. That’s just the nature of American public opinion today.”

According to BBC, the White House released a report titled “The Fourth National Climate Assessment” with evidence supporting the belief that climate change will cause billions of dollars in damage as well as major health risks. Scientists from around the world agree with these findings, and also state that the damage is a result of human activity. Despite some of this information coming from his own government, Trump is still convinced that the issue is fake. Last month, Trump told Fox News that scientists were attempting to further a “political agenda.” Other officials are insisting that the planet is in danger if drastic action is not taken immediately.