Thanks To Donald Trump’s Golf Habits, The Secret Service Just Spent An All-Time Record On Golf Cart Rentals

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During his time in the office of the president, Donald Trump has taken a number of trips related to a number of things, but a big one has been golf. Yes, the president has taken numerous golf trips around the country, and as expected, he’s going to travel with his entourage and protection. That is why it isn’t too difficult to believe that the Secret Service has spent a record amount of money on golf cart rentals alone.

While this may sound rather shocking, it does make a lot of sense when one actually sits back and thinks about it. With as much time as the president spends on the golf course, his Secret Service agents are going to be right there with him to offer assistance and protection.

On the golf course, they can’t very well ride around in SUVs or limos.

According to Government Executive, the Secret Service has allocated more than $90,000 for just golf cart rentals alone in South Florida this winter. An unspecified number of golf carts are going to be rented from Maddox Joines Inc., who does its business as Sunshine Golf Car, between now and June of 2019.

For that unspecified number of golf carts, the company in Delray Beach, Florida is going to be paid a grand total of $92,740 from the Secret Service.

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As of now, Sunshine Golf Car has received only a portion of the amount owed and that is $32,225.

Donald Trump has played golf reportedly 154 times since taking over the office of President of the United States of America. That amounts to more than 20 percent of the days that he has actually held the position.

Of course, he must have his Secret Service agents with him wherever he goes and that amounts to the large expenses in golf cart rentals. Along with needing to rent the carts, all of those for the Secret Service are modified to go at least 19 miles-per-hour which is five more than a regular cart.

Once the full $92,740 is paid for the golf cart rentals, that will bring Donald Trump’s total to near $400,000. A few months ago, TMZ reported that Trump had already spent more than $300,000 of taxpayers’ money on golf cart rentals as of September 6, 2018.

Along with all of the golf cart rentals for himself and the Secret Service, greens fees, and other things associated with these trips, Donald Trump has cost taxpayers an estimated $77 million. That is just since he took the office as president and it isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

Where the president goes, the Secret Service goes, and that includes golf trips with golf cart rentals.