A Guy In Cowboys Gear Wearing A Headset And Using A Cell Phone Was On The Saints Sideline All Night [PHOTOS]

Danny Cox

On this week's Thursday Night Football, the New Orleans Saints saw their 10-game win streak ended by the Dallas Cowboys -- who are on a great run of their own. Drew Brees and the Saints appeared totally off of their game, and this was evident by the fact that they were held to just 10 points. Now, a conspiracy theory is making the social media rounds -- and it has to do with a Dallas Cowboys staffer who was spotted on the Saints' sideline all night.

New Orleans almost ended up coming back to win, but they ended up leaving Dallas with a 13-10 defeat, and an end to their win streak. Drew Brees started the game with four incomplete pass attempts, which is almost unheard of for him, during this miraculous season.

Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram were stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Michael Thomas and the rest of the receivers were defended ridiculously close. The Cowboys appeared to know just what offensive sets to use against the Saints' improved defense.

Many who watched the game might tell you that the officiating was poor on both sides of the ball, but the Saints could never find a rhythm. It really did appear as if the Cowboys knew what was coming every single time -- and maybe they did.

Well, that's what a lot of Saints fans think.

The pictures clearly show a member of the Dallas Cowboys staff standing on the sideline of the New Orleans Saints. He was usually seen behind head coach Sean Payton. The mystery man was also seen wearing a headset and using a cell phone on multiple occasions.

Leave it to the "Who Dat Nation" to spot a "spy" on the Saints' sideline, but it does raise a lot of questions.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones simply thinks that his boys stepped up when they needed to step up.

If he was going to use a headset, why have the cell phone out? Some Saints fans believe that he wanted to keep somewhat quiet -- and that he was texting the plays over to other members of the Cowboys staff.

The loss for the New Orleans Saints was only their second of the season, and a high playoff spot is still extremely likely. As for the Dallas Cowboys, this win was huge for them, and kept them on top of their division as the playoffs near. Still, it was a very strange game -- and one that seemed erratic for Drew Brees and company all night. It's hard to know if the Dallas Cowboys staffer on the Saints' sideline had anything to do with it, but he's certainly stirring up controversy.