‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday Reveal More Heartbreak Over Kiki Ahead, ‘JaSam’ Makes An Appearance

Todd WawrychukGetty Images

This week ABC’s General Hospital has been full of buzzworthy moments, and spoilers suggest that the episode coming on Friday, November 30 will be a powerful one as well. Viewers now know that as had been speculated ahead of the murder, Ryan killed Kiki, and now word is spreading throughout Port Charles.

Maura West had some heartbreaking scenes as Ava during Thursday’s show as she learned about Kiki’s murder. General Hospital spoilers via a Twitter sneak peek indicate that Franco and many others will learn about Kiki’s death during Friday’s show, and fans know that Roger Howarth will knock these scenes out of the park as well.

Howarth’s character of Franco spent years thinking that Kiki was his daughter, and he’s always been very protective of her. When Franco learns that Kiki was murdered, he will surely be completely devastated. In addition, Elizabeth had grown close to Kiki, and both Liz and Franco will be heartbroken over this loss.

Curtis will share the news of Kiki’s death, and Griffin being taken to the station with Nina, Sasha, and Valentin who will all be stunned. In addition, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will rush to support Griffin as he is hauled to the police station to answer questions.

Ava will be struggling to accept that her daughter is dead, and “Kevin” will be right by her side to comfort her. Obviously, this storyline is going to provide a lot of buzzworthy moments in the weeks ahead, especially when Ava eventually learns that Kevin is really Ryan, and Ryan murdered Kiki.

Friday’s episode also features Oscar getting ready to start his clinical trial, and She Knows Soaps notes that Kim and Drew will be right by Oscar’s side as Terry gets everybody prepared.

“JaSam” fans have been quite frustrated that there has been nothing with Jason and Sam for days now because this one Thanksgiving day in Port Charles has taken about a week of episodes to play out. General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be at least a little bit with Jason and Sam in Friday’s show, and executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that the pair’s chemistry would be on red alert.

Fans will want to keep their tissues handy for Friday’s episode of General Hospital, and spoilers tease that the coming week will be a tough one, too. Kiki’s murder sets the stage for a lot of chaos throughout Port Charles, and fans will be curious to see how the truth is finally revealed about Ryan being on the loose.