‘SI’ Swimsuit Model Haley Kalil Flashes Underboob & Tiny Waist In Victoria’s Secret Bikini

David BeckerGetty Images

Haley Kalil left no doubt as to why she is a Swimsuit Illustrated model in a recent Instagram post.

The 26-year-old model left little to the imagination when she posted a photo of herself in a see-through white t-shirt and a pair of blue Victoria’s Secret bikini panties. But as any model knows, it’s not the clothes that matter as much as the body — and the attitude that it’s packaged with. And Kalil can tick those boxes with confidence.

The photo shows an incredibly toned Kalil clutching the t-shirt to expose a generous amount of underboob. The white tee also depicts the female breast and has a nipple roughly at the same place where Kalil’s would be.

Kalil also wears a pair of Victoria’s Secret bikini panties in an azure blue. The panties sculpt her toned booty and serve to emphasize her tiny waist.

The former Miss Minnesota 2014 continues to keep it real. She’s not shy about flaunting her imperfections and embraces them, per the Inquisitr. She again left her stretch marks unedited, and for this particular photo opted to pose sans makeup or accessories. The wife of Carolina Panther football player Matt Kalil wore her signature red hair wet, tousled, and tumbling over one of her shoulders.

Kalil showed some spunk in her photos as she winked and revealed perfect pearly whites in the process. The model made a peace sign as she posed for her thousands of followers.

The reason Haley Kalil posted the sexy picture was to thank her fans for supporting her. She had reached the 100,000 followers mark, and wanted to show some appreciation to her fans.

Of course, they wasted no time in telling her how good she looked, and Kalil actually interacted with some of them. Realtimleonard wrote, “One fact, I used to be a sportswriter. Didn’t cover the NFL though. And I love Baja Blast.” Kalil responded, “That’s cool!! You probably know way more about sports than me. Yessss who doesn’t love a Baja blast.”

Robinskylerr commented, “I really look up to you and many of the other VS models. Modeling would be my dream job currently stuck doing financial work but would do anything to achieve my dreams. How did you get started.” The SI model took some time to give the aspirant model some advice, “Thank you so much beautiful!!! Just keep trying for your dreams. You’ll hear ‘no’ countless times until you finally hear ‘yes.’ I know I did. But you just have to keep the dream alive!!”

And don’t let anybody tell you that models don’t eat. Kalil recently retweeted a comment about her love for TacoBell’s food. Don’t see any evidence of it on her waistline though.