‘General Hospital’ Star Maura West Gives Powerhouse Performance As Ava Grieves Kiki’s Death

Craig SjodinABC Press

If you haven’t been watching General Hospital this past week, then you are missing out on some amazing performances. Kiki Jerome is dead and the shocking news is spreading. Thursday had Griffin telling Ava that her daughter is gone. From that moment on, you just knew that something big was going to happen, and it did. Maura West may have just given an Emmy-worthy performance as a grieving mother who just learned her daughter has been murdered.

It didn’t take long for General Hospital fans to realize that they were watching yet another memorable scene that will go down in soap history. Even if you are not particularly fond of Ava Jerome, viewers couldn’t help but be highly affected by Maura West bringing gut-wrenching anguish to her character. On both Instagram and Twitter, the actress received high praises from GH fans, and also from her co-stars.

Ava got herself unknowingly tangled up in a web of destruction when she met serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. Thinking that he is Dr. Kevin Collins, she is now involved with him and he killed for her in order to prove how devoted he is to her. Ryan was standing right there when Griffin broke the news to her.

From that moment on, everyone braced for impact as Maura West brought her game. Ava wouldn’t believe Griffin at first. She headed to the Haunted Star to talk to Jordan. She kept saying, “That is not my daughter,” even as Kiki was brought out in the body bag.

Ava went over and unzipped it. Seeing her lifeless body, she got angry at first. She shouted to her daughter, “Lauren Katherine Jerome, you open your eyes and sit up!” Then she finally realized that she has lost Kiki forever as she wept over her body. It had everyone crying their eyes out and calling it a stellar Emmy performance.

West’s General Hospital co-stars came out on social media to comment on those scenes. Eden McCoy, who plays the role of Josslyn Jacks, had this to say.

“@MauraWest you broke my heart in a billion pieces, i don’t have words big enough for how your Talent and Power make me feel but u made me forget i was watching our show and not real life. YOU ARE AWESOME. i can’t stop crying.”

Even Hayley Erin, who was lying there in that scene with Maura West sobbing over her, commented after she watched it.

“I cried like there was no tomorrow,” she said.

The actors who were standing there watching Maura West bring the house down in that scene were in awe as well. Fellow General Hospital star Josh Swickard explained their reaction to her performance.

“Unreal. Right when she finished the scene there was about 4 seconds of silence… and then applause.”

That is one scene that most likely will never be forgotten by devoted fans. Stay with General Hospital to see Ava’s reaction when she eventually realizes that the person who is now consoling her is actually her daughter’s killer.