A Maryland Substitute Teacher Allegedly Taped A Child To His Chair When He Wouldn’t Return To His Seat

A substitute teacher for a Maryland elementary school has been removed from the school after she allegedly taped a child to a chair because he wouldn’t stay in his seat. She is also currently suspended from working at any of the schools in the district. According to People, the teacher became frustrated when a second grader in a class she was subbing for wasn’t listening to instructions.

Although she reportedly asked him to take his seat multiple times, the boy wouldn’t oblige. Eventually she hoped to get his attention by saying that if he didn’t sit down she would tape him to his seat, a claim the child found humorous.

The teacher followed through on her threat and did as she said she would. The school was later notified about the incident through a complaint made by a parent. The school’s principal, Julie Little-McVearry, issued a public statement regarding the teacher’s actions. She said that she intended to take the incident very seriously and had already notified the proper authorities.

“The teacher is not in our school today and will not be placed in any school until this matter is resolved. Our school system will make further appropriate decisions at that time,” Little-McVearry said.

The principal said that she was shocked upon learning of the conduct of the teacher who had worked with the school for a long time. The individual was trusted by school officials and they had no reason to expect such behavior from her. Little-McVearry wants parents to know that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. She emphasized that school is supposed to be a safe environment for children in which they are to feel supported and taken care of. Such drastic means of discipline can not only be traumatizing for the child involved, but all other students in the classroom who witnessed it.

Little-McVearry is hoping to assure parents that such an event will never happen in her school again by being as transparent as possible about the situation.

“I want you to know very clearly that the conduct that I have described above is never acceptable in a school setting. I was shocked and appalled upon hearing about this incident. Our school is a place where every child is embraced, loved, and nurtured,” she wrote in a letter to parents.

It is not yet known whether the substitute teacher will face charges as a result of her actions in the classroom.