Megyn Kelly Talks About Family And Holiday Traditions In Email

Megyn Kelly discussed her father's passing and her focus on family since leaving 'Today.'

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Megyn Kelly discussed her father's passing and her focus on family since leaving 'Today.'

Megyn Kelly recently opened up regarding her new focus on family, in an email to Daily Mail TV. Kelly lost her Today Show time slot after making controversial blackface comments during an October show. Although Kelly quickly apologized for her comments, NBC deemed her behavior inappropriate. Several of her fellow Today coworkers were also offended, speaking out in condemnation of her racial insensitivity. Kelly has remained relatively quiet on social media since her departure but is now opening up about how her life has changed since her show’s cancellation, according to People.

Kelly is the mother to three children, 9-year-old Yates, 7-year-old Yardley and 5-year-old Thatcher. Since leaving the show, she has placed all her energy upon her children and her husband, Doug Blunt. She also opened up about her holiday plans and the effect of her father’s death on how she celebrates the Christmas season. Kelly lost her father tragically when she was only 15-years-old.

“It was a sudden heart attack, and it changed my family forever. My last sight of him was of him sitting on the couch, looking at the Christmas tree,” she said.

Since her father’s death, Kelly has realized that it isn’t all about the gifts or celebration that makes Christmas so special. The only thing that truly matters is the people you spend it with. She now makes sure to never take her loved ones for granted and spends quality time with her children whenever she gets the chance.

“Nothing matters except the people around the tree,” she pointed out.

While the former television host spent the Thanksgiving holiday privately with her family, Kelly’s planning to go all out for Christmas this year. She intends to enjoy plenty of classic holiday films with her children, like It’s a Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. She’s even considering going caroling if she can persuade the rest of the Kelly clan to do so. A big part of her yearly Christmas tradition also includes charity work, and her family often contributes to local toy drives for those in need.

As her children get older, Kelly hopes they never lose their sense of the holiday spirit. She treasures Christmas morning and watching her children gasp in excitement when they go downstairs. Her husband usually rushes ahead of their children to make sure he catches their reaction on video.

“Doug and I are always up before the kids, counting down the moments until they wake up,” she said.