Nick Jonas Said He Knew He Was Going To Marry Priyanka Chopra By Their Third Date

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A new interview in Vogue gives readers major insight into Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s relationship. While Chopra was the feature for Vogue’s article, Jonas was there for part of the interview as well. The two recounted their story of falling in love, and from the pair’s banter it’s clear that they are smitten with each other. So smitten in fact, that Jonas knew she was the one right after their third date, which was a Dodger’s game. He told Vogue that the morning after the date, he called his mom to tell her he was going to marry Chopra.

“This was date three!” Chopra said to the interviewer.

Jonas also said he had an inkling that Chopra was going to change his life by their second date at the Chateau Marmont.

“She walks into the Chateau, and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and understanding about this next chapter of my life,” he said.

As for their first date, it did not go without a hitch. The two decided to grab a drink at The Carlyle in New York City, and Chopra invited Jonas to come to her apartment afterwards. When they arrived, Chopra’s mom was there in a nightgown watching Law and Order. Jonas wanted to be polite and ended the date with a “back pat” instead of a kiss, which Chopra said was disappointing.

“Your mom was in the house!” Jonas said to Chopra in front of the interviewer. “I thought it was a respectful first night.”

“It was too respectful if you ask me,” Chopra replied.

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The awkward ending to the first date didn’t deter their relationship, however, and Jonas eventually proposed to Chopra during a trip to Crete. Now, the wedding is set to occur this weekend, with two ceremonies scheduled to celebrate each of their cultures. Both ceremonies will be held at different areas at a palace in Rajasthan, with one ceremony being a traditional Indian wedding and the other ceremony being a more Western, Christian wedding.

The Indian ceremony will reportedly require Jonas to ride in on a horse in royal garb. The couple will also walk around a fire seven times to signify their seven lifetimes together. Jonas tells the interviewer he thinks they might already be on their third or fourth lifetime together, but he’ll gladly “take seven more.” Rumor has it that Jonas and Chopra will officially become Mr. and Mrs. on December 1, and Jonas’ family has already been spotted arriving in India for the upcoming nuptials.