Arizona Man Carrying Handgun Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Groin In Walmart


A man from Buckeye in Maricopa County, Arizona, had to be rushed to hospital this week after he accidentally shot himself in the groin while inside a Walmart store.

As reported by Newsweek, the police responded on Tuesday to the Watson and Yuma Walmart, and later tweeted that the scene appeared to be a case of a “self-inflicted accidental shooting” inside the retailer.

Buckeye PD later confirmed the theory with a statement: “Adult male accidentally shot himself in the groin area inside the Walmart Watson & Yuma. Being transported to hospital. No other injuries.”

The incident occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The man who shot himself had been carrying his semi-automatic handgun in the waistband of his pants when it had suddenly started to slip. Not wanting it to fall and potentially go off if it hit the ground, he attempted to reposition it in his waistband, and instead accidentally discharged the weapon, according to the man’s explanation to police.

Following the shot ringing out, police were called to the scene, where they discovered the man in the meat aisle with what they have described as “survivable injuries.” Officers on the scene filed a report of an unlawful discharge of a firearm, but added that it was an accident.

It is unclear at this stage whether or not the police will charge the man for the accident. The man’s identity has not been publicly released, and police have not offered an update on his condition in hospital.

This is not the first accidental groin injury that the Walmart brand has been witness to over the years. In 2016, a man called 911 to a Walmart parking lot after the pain of his accidental gunshot wound to the groin got too severe for him to continue driving to the hospital. Last year, a paramedic was grabbed roughly by the testicles by an intoxicated woman he was examining following her arrest. And just this year a man in Vidor, Texas, was trying to flee from a Walmart after his elaborate robbery scheme failed, when he attempted to jump over a fence, catching his scrotum on the fence and having to spend 24 hours in jail with a bruised scrotum.

Other recent crimes in Walmart include a woman being shot in a domestic dispute inside the garden center of a store in Florida, earlier this month. She made it to the hospital, but later passed away there.