Mac Miller Teaches Vape Tricks On Secret Instagram Account Discovered After His Death

Dale BermanGetty Images

Mac Miller’s fans are all over a secret Instagram account which he created back in July of 2017. The account has only just been discovered by grieving fans — and many are just reveling in the never-before-seen videos, photos, and wicked sense of humor present in the account’s content.

Miller named the account cloudywithachanceofawesome69, and calls himself “Lars.” Although the rapper always wears a sweatshirt — or a peak cap — in the videos in an assumed attempt to hide his true identity, it is clearly Ariana Grande’s ex who is making the videos, right down to the tattoos on his hands.

It must be noted that this is not the first time that Mac adopted a moniker. The hip hop artist also went by Larry Fisherman, Delusional Thomas, and Larry Lovestein, according to E!

Per CapitalXtra, fans discovered the account, one which seems to be dedicated to vaping. The Swimming rapper is seen in all of his humorous glory — and posts a number of silly videos wherein he teaches his followers some neat vape tricks.

The late rapper posted seven videos and three photos which revolve around the art of vaping, all made between July 2 and July 6, 2017. The majority of his posts seem to be made while he was traveling in a vehicle. The Setlist records show that Miller would be playing at the Longitude Festival on July 15, 2017 — which would be just after this account was created.

It seems ironic that Mac Miller celebrated 50 followers on July 4, though over a later — the account blew up. The secret Instagram account now boasts 186,000 followers as loyal Mac Miller discover the account after his death.

Fans have taken to the page, and are already posting messages to the late rapper. Some find themselves in stitches about his offbeat sense of humor, while others just took a moment out of their day to say thank you to a man who inspired them.

“Cloudy with a chance of missing Mac Miller a lot,” one user opined.

“OMG I’m laughing and crying all at once,” another gushed.

“Man every time I find something new about Mac I just love him even more. #legendstatus #vapenation,” one last commented.

Miller even provided clear instructions on how to do his vaping tricks.

“This is Lars here, back with another edition of Cloudy With A Chance Of Awesome. Um, today, we’re gonna go over a new one. It’s called the Candy Gram. First things first, you grab a piece of hard candy, pop it in like so. Tasty. Get a couple good sucks in there. Really get the flavor all through the mouth. Then take the vape, then wait a second bro.”

Fans were treated to another Miller flashback this week, when Spotify released two of the tracks the artist had recorded before he died.

Mac Miller passed away on September 7, 2018, at the age of 26. Authorities confirmed the cause of death to be a “mixed drug toxicity” of fentanyl, alcohol, and cocaine.