Dog The Bounty Hunter Admits Wife Beth Chapman Is ‘Not Doing Good’ In Wake Of Cancer Recurrence News

Fernando LeonGetty Images

Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth Chapman are devastated to learn that her throat cancer has returned. It has been a particularly difficult few days as Beth underwent emergency surgery and subsequently learned that her cancer had returned. Now her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman is opening up about how the family is handling this difficult setback.

TMZ talked with Dog the Bounty Hunter on Wednesday as he was spotted leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Chapman said that the family greatly appreciates all of the support and love they have been receiving from fans this week as word spread about Beth’s emergency surgery and cancer return.

Duane admitted that Beth is “not doing good” right now, and he got emotional as he tried to talk about it all. Chapman asked everybody gathered to please say a prayer for her, and he got quiet as his daughter Lyssa stepped up to speak as her father stood by.

Lyssa reiterated that they really appreciate the love and support of their fans and she acknowledged that they are all feeling devastated by what’s happened over the past few days. She thanked everybody for being there and Dog told the crowd that they loved them, too.

As Dog and Lyssa made their way to their SUV, the paparazzi followed and Chapman continued to be quite cordial. As one guy asked Dog to wish Beth their best, adding that he was serious, Duane said he would and added that he knew they were serious.

Chapman noted that they’ve known these paparazzi regulars for 15 years and he wishes Beth could have been there with them. The reality television star is clearly crushed and struggling with this devastating news and the family is understandably shaken by what they’ve learned this week.

It sounds as if Beth does have a tough road ahead of her. Dog talked with Us Weekly and told them that doctors got “most of the throat cancer out” during the emergency surgery this week.

Chapman explained that Beth’s airway is currently clear, but the doctors are looking at biopsies to see if the cancer has spread as they fear is the case. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star is barely leaving his wife’s side and he noted that she’s as strong as a bull.

“I love my honey so much. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

Duane and Beth Chapman are getting lots of prayers and positive thoughts right now as everybody is rooting for the reality television star to beat cancer once again. Dog the Bounty Hunter fans will be anxious for updates and hope that the family will have good news to share soon.