Bella Thorne Rolls Around Naked In Whipped Cream On Instagram, Receives Mixed Emotions From Fans

Gustavo CaballeroGetty Images for iHeart

Bella Thorne has sent her fans into a frenzy with her latest Instagram video. The 21-year-old actress and singer took to the popular social media platform on Wednesday to share a racy clip to promote her cosmetics line by rolling and splashing around in chocolate and whipped cream.

In the video, Thorne is seen rolling around a stripper pole completely in the nude as she applies whipped cream on her body. In a previous part of the clip, the young starlet is featured rolling around in wrapped candy wearing red lace lingerie before it cuts to the stripper pole scene. The video then moves on to show the Midnight Sun star seated next to a chocolate fountain as she licks it and splashes it on her body and face.

The video titled “Sexual Chocolate,” which the singer first teased on Oct. 31, promotes her new makeup company, Thorne By Bella, which features bold, glittery makeup that is in line with her personality. Over the past few weeks, Thorne had been teasing the promo video of the candy-themed collection by sharing shots of herself covered in chocolate as well as a photo in which she is donning red lingerie while sitting on candy.

In the caption, Thorne explains that she directed the video herself.

Since posting it on the social media page, the video has been seen nearly 1.5 million times. The post received more than 271,000 likes and more than 5,100 comments from fans who showed mixed feelings about the sexually charged video.

As Fox News pointed out, many Instagram users believe the former Disney star went too far.

“Is this a joke,” one exasperated fan wrote, while another echoed the sentiment by adding, “Kinda scary not sexy… disturbing. Sorry.”

However, many others loved the video, and advised the star to just ignore the negativity.

“Bella don’t be afraid, don’t give a f— about the haters! U r u and nothing can change that! Don’t be afraid to go and live freely like how we all should be,” one user wrote, as quoted by Fox News.

As HollywoodLife reported, Thorne’s company is selling three eye and body mousses, all priced at $18 each, and a set of three lip stains for $20. She launched the cosmetics line on on Nov. 23, right in time for Black Friday.

“Makeup has always been my sh*t. I’ve always loved doing makeup and I do my own makeup for every project I work on, for every event that I do, for every photoshoot. I don’t really let anybody touch my face except me, because I’ve dealt with such terrible cystic acne and people ruining [my] face when they touch it,” Thorne said of why she went into the cosmetics business, as the Inquisitr previously reported.