Instagram Fitness Star Ana Cheri Posts Daring After-Shower Shot, Suggestive Thong Video As She Plugs Calendar

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Ana Cheri has a sexy, 2019 bikini calendar to sell, and the 32-year-old Instagram superstar is giving everything she has to her 11.6 million followers to persuade them to purchase it. While the majority of posts on the southern California native’s page depict her in workout clothes, often going through her exercise routines, on Tuesday she posted one of her most daring photos so far — a nearly nude snap in which she appears to have just stepped out of the shower.

Other than a barely-there bikini-bottom and a towel wrapped around her hair, Cheri is clad only in a “hand bra,” a specialty of another Instagram glamor model, Abigail Ratchford, as the Inquisitr reported.

The Urban Dictionary gives several definitions of “hand bra,” include, perhaps most descriptively, “A photographic pose where a woman covers her boobs with her hands, as to tease or impress males. A very sexual pose often seen in magazine modeling.”

“This is it!! Less than two hours left!! Get my 2019 Paradise Calendar,” Cheri wrote in a caption accompanying her newest, nearly-caned Instagram pic. “Autographed and sealed with a kiss!”

Cheri also offered a “Black Friday” sale on the calendar, accompanied by a pair of revealing videos in which the model shows off her “fitness.”

In one of the videos, Cheri seems to be modeling a thong bikini on a beach somewhere in the Carribean, as she walks away from the camera, flipping a seductive glance back over her shoulder.

Her talent for sales of her own products has paid off. As the Inquisitr reported in an earlier piece highlighting Cheri’s increasingly daring bikini posts, the Instagram fitness star has bet work estimated as high as $4.3 million.

In addition to her endorsements for weight loss and body building products, fans of her Instagram posts who are willing to work up a sweat will have the opportunity to not only meet Cheri in person, but to take a fitness class with her, according to the Los Angeles Times. Cheri will appear at the FitExpo Los Angeles on January 26 and 27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where she will lead fitness workout classes.

What might this workout class entail?

“I’m a huge fan of ‘leg day’ and I’m always doing lower body. I can’t get enough of it,” Cheri told Muscle & Fitness magazine, explaining her workout regimen. “And I also deadlift. My max was 205 pounds, and I’m like 125 pounds. I was really proud of myself on that one!”