Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Were Reportedly In Tears Due To Dad Drama Before Royal Wedding, Per 'Harper's'

It's been about half a year since the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and various rumors are surfacing about what happened behind closed doors. First, there were reports that Harry was in a bad mood at the time following up to the wedding, at one point exclaiming that "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets." These reports were later followed up with rumors that the Queen stepped in to say that "What Meghan wants, she doesn't get," which is believed to have been said regarding an emerald-crusted tiara that was Markle's top choice.

And now, Harper's Bazaar is saying that the surprise news that Thomas Markle would be unable to make it to the wedding "reduced both Meghan and Harry to tears." It's hard to know exactly what part of the dad's absence was most upsetting to the couple. Perhaps it was the initial shock when Thomas was seen in tabloids after he was expressly asked by Harry to reject all media requests. Or, it could have happened after Harry called Thomas to confront him, only for the latter to lie about it at the beginning. Maybe the dismay set in once the truth was revealed: that Thomas indeed made money by selling staged paparazzi photos. But royal fans know that wasn't the end to the drama, as the dad suddenly pulled out of the wedding last-minute, citing heart surgery that was required after a heart attack.

Whatever the case, if the reports are true, it would be seemingly understandable. After all, the two were preparing for one of the biggest royal weddings of late, and Meghan had a lot riding on her shoulders as an American marrying into the British royal family.

These aren't the first rumors of tears being shed over the wedding, either. Kate Middleton reportedly cried at the bridesmaid dress fittings, as Princess Charlotte was one of the bridesmaids for the big day.

And while many of the details are still unknown, one thing is for sure. Whatever happened between Meghan and her dad blossomed into a full-blown problem after the wedding, as he pleaded to the Duchess through public interviews to please return his messages. It appeared that Meghan had cut her dad off, and no matter the threats that he made about potentially dying, she didn't budge.

The family debacle has incited tons of debate among royal fans, with the latest to chime in being Lady Colin Campbell. She urged the Duchess to reach out to her family and reconcile, although it appears unlikely that it will happen.