‘General Hospital’ Stars Say Farewell To Hayley Erin As She Exits As Kiki, Actress Explains Decision To Leave

David LivingstonGetty Images

General Hospital fans had been bracing themselves for Wednesday’s episode — especially after Tuesday’s cliffhanger — and it was indeed a rough one. As viewers had been speculating would be the case for months now, Ryan killed Kiki and many throughout Port Charles are going to be heartbroken. Hayley Erin had recently teased she’d been keeping secrets, but now that it’s all out in the open several of her co-stars are sharing their warm wishes for her future endeavors.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, Hayley Erin took to her social media pages after Wednesday’s episode aired to thank everybody for their support as she heads off to focus on her new show. She was immediately flooded with well wishes, both from fellow General Hospital cast members as well as fans of the show.

Hayley’s television mom Maura West tweeted that she loved Erin and that they’d be family forever. West also said that they’d be continuing to watch her sparkle, and General Hospital fans loved the sentiment. Ava and Kiki may have had a brutal falling out on-screen, but there’s clearly a lot of love between Maura and Hayley in their personal lives.

Actress Chloe Lanier, who recently left the role of Nelle on General Hospital, has become a close friend of Erin’s. In response to Hayley’s post on Wednesday, she shared the original tweet and just added the word “Icon” with a heart.

Brytni Sarpy, who plays Valerie, tweeted that Hayley was the “Hottest dead gal I eva did see..” with a heart emoji. Kin Shriner, who plays Scotty, tweeted out a good luck message to Erin and said he would miss the fun she brought to the General Hospital set.

As many of Erin’s fans know at this point, she landed a mysterious role on the Pretty Little Liars spinoff titled The Perfectionists. When this news first emerged, Hayley had said via Twitter she hoped to continue on with both shows.

The departing General Hospital star talked to Soap Opera Digest about her departure and confirmed that she initially hoped the two shows could coordinate filming schedules so she could do both. Unfortunately, the scheduling didn’t come together as needed and Hayley says that leaving GH was “really the only option left.”

Erin went on to note that she had loved playing Kiki these past few years, so seeing the character killed off was cathartic for her in a way. However, Hayley does say she hopes to pop up here and there as a ghost or memory in some way, saying she’d “love that more than anything.”

Fans are excited for Hayley Erin’s new show and will be anxious to check out The Perfectionists when it debuts on the Freeform network in 2019. As for General Hospital spoilers, there’s a hint that things will be getting pretty wild in the days ahead and viewers cannot see what twists and turns the writers have planned.