The Most Sinful Cities In America Have Been Named – Check And See If You’re Living In Sin

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Most people know that their hometown or current city has a lot of crime or problems or corruption, but they don’t always know just how sinful it truly is. Actually, there aren’t many people who think about the sins of others, but there are those who want to know the most sinful cities in the United States. After all the factors were checked out and calculated, it’s time to find out if you live in one of those highly ranked places.

Now, just because a survey states that your city is sinful doesn’t mean that it is a bad place to live, but it does make one think.

The people at Wallet Hub put together a lot of information and calculated it all in one place to find the most sinful cities in America. When you actually sit back and look at the list, you may find yourself shocked that some of those you thought were bad are really low while those you thought were safe are really high.

More than 180 cities in the United States were checked out and analyzed across 37 specific indicators of so-called “evil deeds.” When looking at all of the contributing factors, it’s primarily the Seven Deadly Sins, and well, that makes a lot of sense when determining the most sinful cities in America.

Traffic on the Las Vegas Strip streaks past the repica of the New York's skyline that forms the New York New York hotel
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Here are just some of the factors that were used to determine the most sinful cities in the United States.

  • Theft
  • Obesity rates
  • Deaths due to firearms or bullying
  • Exercise rates
  • Adult entertainment
  • Active Tinder users
  • Time watching TV
  • Casinos
  • Teen birth rate

There are others that were measured in, but that gives you an idea of just which of the sin were looked at in this study. Combining together things like gambling disorders and excessive drinking/smoking is the perfect way to determine if your city just can’t keep itself from asking for forgiveness.

A total of 182 U.S. cities were ranked in this study, but here are the top 25 in the most sinful cities in America.

1.) Las Vegas, Nevada
2.) Los Angeles, California
3.) New York, New York
4.) Houston, Texas
5.) St. Louis, Missouri
6.) Atlanta, Georgia
7.) Miami, Florida
8.) Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
9.) Chicago, Illinois
10.) Orlando, Florida
11.) Denver, Colorado
12.) Detroit, Michigan
13.) Dallas, Texas
14.) North Las Vegas, Nevada
15.) Phoenix, Arizona
16.) Tampa, Florida
17.) Baltimore, Maryland
18.) Portland, Oregon
19.) New Orleans, Louisiana
20.) Cleveland, Ohio
21.) Reno, Nevada
22.) Cincinnati, Ohio
23.) Washington, D.C.
24.) Henderson, Nevada
25.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

For the full list of all 182 sinful cities, check out Wallet Hub.

Las Vegas is nicknamed “Sin City,” and it certainly lives up to that billing in this study, but some of the others on the list may shock you. When it comes to determining the most sinful cities in America, there are certain factors and contributors that will have you high or low on the list. Just because you may be in the top 25, though, it may not be something that you’re looking to celebrate.