Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Griffin Gets More Bad News And Ryan May Be Setting Him Up For Kiki’s Murder

Craig SjodinABC

During Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers finally got confirmation of what had been rumored to be coming for months: Kiki’s murder. Ryan managed to kill her and get her to Curtis and Jordan’s room on the Haunted Star without being seen by anybody, and now spoilers hint that he may be aiming to frame Griffin for the murder while he beds Kiki’s mom Ava.

After Tuesday’s cliffhanger, some fans were hoping that there would be a twist and it wouldn’t be a dead Kiki who was in Curtis and Jordan’s room. Unfortunately, the weekly General Hospital spoiler preview confirmed it Wednesday morning and the latest episode showed the big reveal.

Now Chase, Jordan, and Valerie are jumping into the investigation and in part, that means digging into Griffin’s background. As the episode moved forward, there was talk that something interesting popped up along with a mention that something may have been found at his place.

While Ryan rather half-heartedly manipulated things after Mary Pat’s murder to ensure the police looked elsewhere, like at Ava and Carly, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’s going to be more methodical in this case. Ryan killed Kiki to keep Ava in town, and targeting Griffin as the killer helps achieve a bit of vengeance for his new love interest too.

How seriously will the police get about Griffin as a suspect? It’s natural to consider him since he was her significant other and may have been one of the last people to have contact with her. He won’t really have a solid alibi and there will be signs of him all over the apartment and now at the scene where her body was found too.

According to She Knows Soaps, Griffin gets horrible news of some sort on Thursday’s show. Since he already knows Kiki is dead, it may be that he’s being taken in for questioning or otherwise discovers that he’s quickly becoming a primary suspect.

It looks like it will take some time for him to clear his name, as during Monday’s show General Hospital spoilers note that he will be pleading his case. Soap Central indicates that he’ll be doing his best to change people’s minds, but he may have his work cut out for him.


There really is no motive for Griffin to kill Kiki, but it seems Ryan may have tried to plant a seed about one somewhere. Jordan and Chase will both find important clues next week, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Jordan will get obsessed with trying to pinpoint what happened.

What about Ava? As word started to spread about Kiki’s murder, Ava was in bed with “Kevin,” completely oblivious to what was going down on the Haunted Star.

General Hospital spoilers tease that during Friday’s show, Ryan will be doting on Ava and Curtis will have bad news to reveal to someone. However, the previews for Thursday’s show indicated that Griffin will seemingly be banging on Ava’s door to tell her the news, so fans will be interested to see how these details fall into place over the next couple of days.

What will it take for the truth about Ryan posing as Kevin to be uncovered? How will Griffin manage to clear his name? General Hospital spoilers hint that things could get very interesting in the days and weeks ahead and viewers are ready for it.