Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship Adrift, Passengers Text About Dire Conditions

A stranded Carnival cruise ship off the coast of Mexico is without some major creature comforts after a fire, and passengers stuck aboard the damaged vessel have been describing in text an email an experience that is anything but relaxing following the incident.

The stranded cruise ship, named the Carnival Triumph, experienced an on-board fire in an equipment room Sunday. No injuries were reported following the blaze, but it appears much of the vessel’s functions were severely impeded by the aftermath of the fire.

USAToday has obtained some dispatches from passengers onboard the Carnival Triumph, many of whom report that the stranded cruise ship has become a very unpleasant place. One unnamed passenger on the cruise says:

“We have no power AT ALL, which means we can’t use the toilets, wash our hands, or take a shower.”

Another passenger’s spouse told the paper in comments that his wife had similar things to say about the conditions on the stranded cruise ship near Mexico, saying even toilet facilities were so impacted passengers are forced to use “bags” to perform basic bathroom functions:

“My wife (is) on this cruise and has said the conditions were horrible. No power, no water, having to use the bathroom in bags.”

Cruise Critic has posted similar complaints, but some passengers seem to be making the best of it:

“They have plenty of food. They are all fine, but doesn’t look like they will be back until Wednesday night. Said they are still having fun and gave me the task to call her boss who seems to think I was lying LOL. OH WELL glad they are enjoying the extended vacation.”

Cruise Ship Adrift After Fire

Carnival Cruise Lines has been using Twitter to keep customers and families abreast of developments as a tug heads out to the stranded vessel:

Reportedly, help is on the way for the stranded Carnival cruise ship, but passengers may be waiting until Wednesday.