New Kids On The Block Will Release 30th Anniversary Edition Of ‘Hangin’ Tough’

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

New Kids On The Block will release a 3oth anniversary edition of their 1989 hit album, Hangin’ Tough. The reissue of the boy band’s second album will debut on March 8, and will feature ten songs from the original LP — as well as remixes of the hit songs “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and “Please Don’t Go Girl.”

In addition to the remixes of the most popular songs, the anniversary edition will feature the newly recently released single “80’s Baby.” Joining NKOTB on the brand new track are tour-mates Debbie Gibson, Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature, and Tiffany — who will all hit the road together for the Mix Tape Tour starting in May in Cincinnati.

“We’re creating a mixtape on tour every night in every city. It’s going to be fun, happiness, emotions, tears, joy, love, most of all,” Donnie Wahlberg told the Today Show.

The original album, and a handful of singles, topped the Billboard charts in the late ’80s, as NKOTB was launched further into stardom by the band showcasing their boyish good looks and signature dance moves in music videos for each of the album’s singles. Hangin’ Tough won two American Music Awards in 1990.

The band split in 1994, and although a few members enjoyed solo careers in both singing and acting, they reunited for a tour in 2008 — along with the Backstreet Boys — who had also split after the boy band craze fizzled. In 2010 NKOTB announced their first of many fan-only cruises, which includes concerts and meet-and-greets with the band. They continued touring to sold out venues across the county, joined by other throw-back celebrities such as 98 Degrees, Paula Abdul, and Boyz II Men.

According to Rolling Stone, the upcoming anniversary album will feature the set list that follows, and will be available on all music streaming platforms. The album will also be released as a two-LP picture disc vinyl, and, of course, a cassette tape.

Pre-orders for the album are available now on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music.

1. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”
2. “Please Don’t Go Girl”
3. “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)”
4. “Cover Girl”
5. “I Need You”
6. “Hangin’ Tough”
7. “I Remember When”
8. “What’Cha Gonna Do (About It)”
9. “My Favorite Girl”
10. “Hold On”
11. “Please Don’t Go Girl” (Extended Version)
12. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” – 7-inch Version
13. “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” – 7-inch Remix
14. “Hangin’ Tough (TOUGHER MIX)” – previously unreleased in the U.S.
15. “Cover Girl” – 7-inch Remix – previously unreleased in the U.S.
16. “80s Baby (ft. Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson)”
17. “Boys In The Band (Boy Band Anthem)”
18. “The Way You Should Be Loved”