‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Bonding For Nina & Charlotte, Anxiety For Laura, Heartbreak For Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital is not to be missed. Viewers have been anticipating these upcoming developments for months, and the drama should be intense. Fans were left with a massive cliffhanger at the end of Tuesday’s show — and spoilers suggest that the action will pick up right where things left off as the November 28 show kicks into gear.

As viewers saw on Tuesday, Curtis and Jordan got married, but they were surprised to enter their room and find a dead body there. As the Inquisitr shared earlier, the new preview for the week confirms that the corpse belongs to Kiki, and it would appear that she’s Ryan’s latest murder victim.

While word of Kiki’s murder will spread quickly, General Hospital spoilers suggest that a number of Port Charles residents will head off to other activities before they hear the news. According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina will head to the ballet with Charlotte.

It sounds as if Nina will be a little rattled pulling this all together, but she’ll surely embrace the chance to spend time with Charlotte. Viewers know that Charlotte has been acting quite a bit differently at school — particularly towards Aiden — than she does at home. Will Nina perhaps get to see a bit of this side of her while they’re at the ballet?

Josslyn is said to catch on to something during Wednesday’s show, but it’s not clear yet what that teaser is referencing. She now knows the truth about Oscar’s illness — and it may be that she’ll learn more about how all of the pieces fit together. Will she construct a timeline of Oscar learning about his illness, breaking up with her, and trying to push his loved ones away from him?

Laura is continuing to struggle to understand how Kevin could have changed so radically, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll talk with Elizabeth about these challenges. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Franco will talk with Jake to try to get a better understanding of why Aiden is struggling so much at school.

The show’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, shared via Twitter that Valentin will surprise everybody — and it sounds as if that may be related to getting Nina and Charlotte to the ballet together. At some point, Valerie will connect with Griffin, and tell him that Jordan could use his expertise.


It may be that Valerie knows there’s someone in dire trouble in the room, and that she’ll suggest that Griffin go in there — as a medical doctor — to help. Of course, Valerie surely won’t know that it’s a dead Kiki she’s sending him to see.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Lulu and Maxie will be left stunned when they learn some news, which may or may not be about Kiki’s murder. Elsewhere, Ryan will apparently be in the mood for a little loving, as it seems he’ll head to Ava’s. The two may hit the sheets as her dearly departed daughter’s murder scene is being processed.

Obviously, much of Wednesday’s show will revolve around the shocking discovery of Kiki’s body. Viewers have speculated that this very sad event was coming, but it’s still going to be tough to watch the fallout. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they emerge regarding what comes next — and don’t miss the jam-packed episode set to air on ABC on Wednesday, November 28.