Candace Cameron Bure Would Play DJ Tanner Forever, Per ‘E News’

Gabriel OlsenGetty Images

Just in time for season four to arrive on Netflix next month, Candace Cameron Bure sat down with E! News to talk about the character she has played for most of her career, DJ Tanner.

“Oh my goodness, I would play DJ Tanner for the rest of my life. If the audience wanted it and the networks wanted it, I would do it forever. I love her. I love our Fuller House family,” she told E! during an interview promoting the Salvation Army on Giving Tuesday.

Bure joined the cast of Full House as Donna Jo “DJ” Tanner in 1987 — the big sister of the Tanner clan. DJ engaged in the typical pre-teen and young adult antics, growing up alongside her character on screen. She shared several heartfelt moments with the trio of men who were tasked with raising the three Tanner girls after the untimely death of their mother, and shared the typical sister relationship with younger siblings Stephanie and Michelle. Tanner played the role of DJ until Full House ended in 1995, and went on to guest star in a handful of ABC shows, including Boy Meets World.

After a stint co-hosting The View, Bure reprised her role as DJ for the Netflix original, Fuller House — a series that follows the Tanner girls in their lives as adults, living in the same hilly San Fransisco home they grew up in.

Bure told E! that this upcoming season of Fuller House would feature a musical episode, one that would feature the cast dancing and singing, a homage to La La Land.

“It was my favorite episode to film. And I know I was on Dancing With the Stars—and did OK—but, I’m not the best dancer, I’m certainly not the best singer, but that I felt like was my Broadway debut,” she confessed in the interview.

In addition to her blast from the past in playing DJ, Bure has starred in several Hallmark movies — including the Aurora Teagarden series of made-for-TV films, and the upcoming holiday heart-warmer, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. She has also lent her talents as executive producer to several Hallmark movies.

“I have a great partnership with Hallmark. They are a great channel that I believe in, and their branding is held up to the values that I try to honor…because I am very picky about what I choose to do that are representative of families and good values,” Bure told Southern Living Magazine last year.

The new season of Fuller House debuts December 14 on Netflix.