Mel B Admits She Keeps A Piece Of Surgically-Removed Skin With Tattoo Of Ex's Name In A Jar

Mel B keeps the surgically-removed skin from a tattoo in a jar and that piece of her skin has the name of her ex-husband on it. That tattoo once declared her everlasting love for her ex, Stephen Belafonte. That jar sits on top of her wardrobe and while Mel B admits it sounds terrible, she has her reasons for this keepsake.

After her divorce from Belafonte, a doctor friend of Mel B's surgically removed that tattoo for her. She wanted it "cut off" her body. While many unwanted tattoos simply get covered up, she wanted this one gone.

Mel B claims she was forced by her husband to get the tattoo which stated, "Stephen until death do us part, you own my heart." Mel B explained how she went through a horrific time with her ex and getting rid of that tattoo was an important piece when putting an end to that period of her life. According to Digital Spy, the singer explained how the removal of her tattoo compared to something a rape victim does.

"It's like a rape victim, the first thing you want to do is get in the bath and scrub every part of your body to get that person off you, so in essence that was kind of what I did with some of the surgeries that I had.

"Just to make myself feel clean and new again. I didn't want to have any remnant of him on me."

The Loose Women panelist and Spice Girls star kept the piece of skin that has her husband's name on it from that tattoo. For some reason, it seems that it's something that empowers her. The divorce proceedings carried accusations from Mel B that Belafonte drugged her and forced her into threesomes.

These accusations, along with Mel B claiming domestic abuse, were all denied by her ex-husband via the movie producer's representatives. Mel B also talked about her history of plastic surgery while they were on the topic.

While holding her breasts in her hands she shared that they are the result of "like her fourth" breast augmentation procedure. Calling the outcome of her last breast procedure, "really nice," she also described them as "quite squidgy."

Mel B's had some work done around her eyes as well, along with a "little tuck" on her side, she said during an interview.

The singer is promoting her autobiography these days "Brutally Honest." It's from that read that her fans learned who the singer calls the "love of her life." That would be the comedian Eddie Murphy. Mel B explains in the book that she was the one to mess up that relationship with the actor.