‘B&B’ Recap For Tuesday, November 27: Liam & Steffy Argue, Taylor Confronts Bill

Francois DurandGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, November 27 reveals that Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) was worried that Bill would eventually tell the cops that it was she who had shot him. According to Soap Central, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) affirmed that Bill would do no such thing.

Later, Taylor went to Spencer Publications to see Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). He had just been talking to Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) but left when Taylor said that she wanted to speak with Bill in private. She said that she just wanted to know if he was still going to keep to his word and not hand her over to the cops. Bill told her that she almost killed him, but he wouldn’t tell the authorities.

Taylor felt that he should also take some ownership because he had interfered in Steffy’s life. He said that his life had been haywire at the time and that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) had since moved on with Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle). Taylor felt that Steffy and Liam would still be together had it not been for Bill’s actions.

Bill had had enough of her accusations and told her to either leave or he would have security escort her out. Taylor backed down, but not before telling him that he had robbed Steffy and Kelly (Zoe Pennington) of their family.

Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang), Liam, and Hope were discussing the baby that was on the way. Liam had to leave to spend time with Kelly. Before he left, he asked Brooke to try and convince Hope about the name Esmeralda. Once alone, Brooke remarked that it was a good thing that Liam was spending so much time with Kelly now. After the birth of Hope’s baby, his focus would be on Hope and their child.

Later, Hope showed her mother some designs for Hope For The Future. Hope admitted that she resented that Steffy’s line got preference over hers. She also told her mother that she and Steffy agreed to put aside their differences. Brooke said that on some level Steffy had manipulated her father into choosing her Intimates line and that she would do the same with Liam. Hope asked her mother not to make her doubt Steffy. Brooke said that she could be projecting some of her experience with Taylor onto Steffy and Hope’s situation. She said that she saw some of Taylor in Steffy.

Taylor arrived at Forrester Creations and immediately started hurling accusations at Hope. Since Hope was in Steffy’s office, she asked her if she had taken that away from Steffy, too. Hope tried to be cordial with Taylor but since that wasn’t working, she asked her to leave. Taylor yelled that Bill had destroyed Steffy’s marriage to Liam. She was also convinced that Hope was depriving Steffy and Kelly from their family. She said that she wasn’t going to let Hope get away with it.