Rain Dove, Rose McGowan’s Gender-Fluid Partner, Attacked In Women’s Room By Woman Who Mistook Rain For A Man

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Gender-fluid model Rain Dove recently had to go through an unpleasant experience in a public bathroom at the hands of a mother who attacked with pepper spray — thinking that Rain was a man.

And since using pepper spray on Rain wasn’t enough for her, she went on to stalk the model on social media and threatened to launch an attack again.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the 29-year-old model rose to popularity for continually defying the established gender norms and the concept of gender altogether. They have been featured in several famous magazines and have also appeared in fashion brand Sisley’s campaign.

Per the report, although Rain has carved a place for them in the fashion industry, their advocacy has made the New Yorker a target.

The model, who has been going out with actress Rose McGowan since the summer, took to Instagram and talked in detail about the horrible incident where a woman attacked them with pepper spray and then went on to send a series of hate messages about the incident online.

The message, which Rain posted to Instagram, said, Hola, I am the mother that maced you in the ladies room last week and I would do it again. I hope that pepper-spray burned the f**k out of you. I think it’s sick that you go into ladies rooms and you encourage others to do it on social media. Go to the 1 your ID says to! Keep your nastie (sic) d**k away from us!”

The model explained in their Instagram post that such incidents “happens moderately often especially while traveling that people get scared or volatile when I go into the restroom so I just shrugged it off and continued life.”

Rain, however, responded in a classy way instead of losing their cool and sent a selfie to the woman where they are featured holding up their passport — showing the model’s full name as RainDove Victoria Dubilewski, and the sex listed as “female.”

“Bt you dinnt look like one [sic],” the attacker replied.

“Why would you say that?” asked Rain.

“Idk. I was gunna say short hair but I guess you coulda been a person with cancer or meth addiction or just a dyke. I guess cuz your tall but I guess female basketball players are tall to. Your face though is really manly. That what did it for me the face [sic].”

The attacker got into a long conversation with Rain and said that although she still doesn’t like transgender people in the ladies’ toilet, she won’t mace anyone ever again.

“That’s really the basics of all we (those that are not commonly aesthetically conforming or trans) ask,” Rain said. “Keep your hands and eyes to yourself and we will keep ours to ourselves. The poop will come out, the pee will be free. It’s all good! I promise.”

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In the caption, Rain mentioned that they had also scheduled a Skype call to discuss the matter further with the woman.

Fans on Instagram lauded the way Rain handled the situation like a boss and extended their appreciation and support for Rain’s advocacy.