History Channel's 'Vikings' Season 5B Premiere: Will Floki Survive?

As the return of History Channel's Vikings approaches, fans are wondering about the fate of Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard). The mid-season finale, which aired back in January, saw Floki willingly offer himself up as a sacrifice to the gods in return for peace in his newly established group. So, will Floki survive the Season 5 return of Vikings?

History Channel has released a new trailer featuring Floki via their official Twitter account, which delves into his upcoming story for Season 5B.

"The world is becoming darker," the tweet reads. "Will Floki be the light?"

In the clip, Floki speaks out to his followers about how they have fallen back into their old ways, such as viewers saw in the first half of Season 5 of Vikings. Gustaf Skarsgard then explains Floki's journey.

"It's very much about Floki's attempt to be a better person himself and his own inner struggle," Skarsgard says about why Floki offered himself up as a sacrifice.

"But then, he has his old own demons creeping out. He's sick of the violence. He's sick of the killings and lost everyone he ever loved."
Floki now realizes that he can't "ax his way to happiness" and is determined to seek another path.

Floki and his group, as seen in Episode 7 of History Channel's 'Vikings' Season 5
History Channel | Bernard Walsh

As for how that path will play out in Season 5B of Vikings, is anyone's guess for the time being. However, Adam Copeland offered some insight into how events will play out for his character, Ketill, when Vikings returns.

"I think [Kjetill] was a realist in the respect that he knew there was going to be some work involved," Copeland told Gamespot.

"It wouldn't just be easy. I think he was enough of a realist to understand, 'I want to believe Floki. I want to help him see this vision come to fruition but I think there's going to be more to it than what Floki assumes.'"
In addition, Ketill will also struggle with his role as second in charge to Floki in their new Icelandic community.
"You know, the trying to be the pillar of a community, trying to be kind of the right-hand man for Floki, trying to be very dependable and be a husband and be a father and be caring. But underneath all of that he's still a warrior, he's still a Viking in his blood and at some point, can he keep that buried down or should he keep it buried down?"
As for whether Floki will survive, viewers will just have to tune in to the Season 5B premiere of Vikings tomorrow to find out.

Season 5 of Vikings will return to History Channel with Episode 11, titled "The Revelation," on Wednesday, November 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. History Channel lists the following synopsis.

"Rollo is welcomed home to Kattegat after Ivar is crowned the new king. Bjorn, Lagertha, and Ubbe must flee Ivar's murderous forces and rely on unsteady alliances to survive."