Julianne Hough, Brooks Laich Adopt New Family Member, Everybody Immediately Falls In Love With Him

Angela WeissGetty Images

Adorable celebrity couple Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich have adopted a new family member and their fans are going crazy over how adorable the situation is. Julianne and Brooks already have a pretty full house as it was, but it seems there is always room for one more.

Over the past few days, but Brooks Laich and Juliane Hough have been sharing videos of a foster situation they had jumped into recently. They had to decide whether or not to keep their temporary houseguest permanently, and it didn’t really seem as if there was any question that they would say yes.

A couple of days ago, fans of Hough and Laich first got to see an incredibly handsome husky who had been at a shelter and needed a home. Brooks shared video clips of him via his Instagram page and the adorable pup immediately bonded with both Julianne and Brooks.

Laich said the couple was considering making the husky a permanent member of the family and he asked his followers what they thought. Nearly 160,000 of Brooks’ followers liked the post and the responses were overwhelmingly positive that they should keep the dog. Julianne and the pup clearly were immediately in love, so many would guess Brooks would have had a pretty tough time separating them.

Luckily, Laich decided not to even try to return the husky to the shelter. On Monday, he posted a new video to Instagram and said that the family had grown by one, as they had officially adopted the sweet guy. The husky doesn’t have a name yet, though, and Brooks was asking for suggestions.

Brooks also added hashtags about how the husky is the best boy ever and a workout buddy for life, and he had just taken the pup for a run. Almost 90,000 make their love for the adoption known and plenty had name suggestions for Brooks and Julianne.

So far, it looks like the new Laich family member is making himself right at home. Hough and her hubby do have other dogs, and her brother Derek, his girlfriend Hayley Erbert, and their kitten Palo lives at the house too. Luckily, it seems as if everybody is getting along well and that it’s the more the merrier kind of home.

Stay tuned to find out what Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich decide to name their new family member. The two have talked about wanting babies at some point too, but for now, it seems that fur babies and their busy schedules are keeping them plenty occupied.