Here’s Why The Queen Is Also Known As The Duke Of Lancaster

Richard StonehouseGetty Images

Most people know the Queen as Queen Elizabeth or Her Majesty. For those related to her, there is a swath of other names she also goes by. But did you know she is also known as the Duke of Lancaster?

According to the Crown Chronicles, which details news pertaining to the royal family, today is Lancaster Day and it is celebrated by changing the normal chant of “God save the Queen” to “Long live our noble Duke” on the day.

“Today is Lancashire Day, marking the area first sending representatives to Parliament in 1295,” the tweet reads.

“During the day, you may hear a chorus of “Long live our noble Duke” instead of “God Save The Queen”, as the reigning Monarch’s title in that county is ‘Duke of Lancaster'”

Normally, the title of duke is reserved for men, with duchess being the female equivalent. As Town and Country magazine points out, even though the Queen is a woman, she still holds the title of duke in this particular instance.

The reason for this dates back to a long-held tradition that started in 1399.

As the official Duchy of Lancaster website points out, the county of Lancaster is always to be in control of a Duke, not a Duchess. This is likely an old tradition that has never been updated as the times have changed. However, as a result of this, the Queen is still officially known as the Duke of Lancaster.

“Since 1399, the title Duke of Lancaster has been held by the reigning Sovereign. Revenue from the Duchy of Lancaster forms a vital component of the Sovereign’s income, and is held separately from that of other Crown properties. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the current Duke of Lancaster. During a reign which has lasted over 60 years, Her Majesty has taken a keen interest in the estate, paying regular visits to the Surveys. The title Duke of Lancaster continues to be used, even for a female monarch. At gatherings of Lancastrians within the County Palatine and worldwide, the toast is: ‘The Queen, Duke of Lancaster!'”

The Queen is in control of two Duchies in England. The first being the Duchy of Lancaster, the other being the Duchy of Cornwall.

Previously, the Inquisitr had reported on the fact that Prince William will one day inherit these Duchies. In response to his future ownership, he is presently being groomed to take over from his father, Prince Charles, in the role of Duke of Cornwall by attending meetings in relation to this parcel of land which is estimated to be worth £1 billion and brings in £20.5 million annually to the royal estate.