Bella Thorne Takes A Bong Rip While Wearing A Lime Green Outfit In An Instagram Video

Paul ArchuletaGetty Images

Bella Thorne shared a new Instagram video that she titled “Electric Cash.” In the video, Bella wore a feathery green jacket with a leotard underneath as she sat on a couch in a dark room. Thorne can be seen counting cash, popping open a container of marijuana, and putting on a record. She then takes a bong rip and lays back on the couch, flaunting her long legs. She noted in the captions that she directed it, as fans have already started pouring in with their complimentary messages.

For a couple of weeks now, Bella has been teasing some new projects and mentioned before that she was feeling great about directing it. The “Electric Cash” clip was produced in order to promote the “Thorne by Bella” cosmetics line, which features bold, glittery makeup that is in line with her personality. So far, there are cosmetics available for eyes and lips. These include lip stains and eye mousse that can also be used on different parts of the body. The price point is $20 and under for most products, and fans are letting Bella know that they’re excited to put in their orders.

While there weren’t many indications of the new video being made, Bella’s shared other clips and photo stills of herself on her social media that’s likely to resurface in a produced video. These have included shots of Bella covered in chocolate, plus another photo where she wore lingerie while sitting on candy.

Thorne opened up about her new makeup line to Allure a week before its launch and described why she decided to get into the cosmetics game.

“Makeup has always been my sh*t. I’ve always loved doing makeup and I do my own makeup for every project I work on, for every event that I do, for every photoshoot. I don’t really let anybody touch my face except me, because I’ve dealt with such terrible cystic acne and people ruining [my] face when they touch it.”

She also detailed how involved she was during the creation of the line, and it’s likely due to her own personal experiences of dealing with skin problems when putting on different types of makeup.

“A lot of companies thought that they were going to sign the ‘Bella Thorne’ deal and just make whatever, and quite a few of them were very surprised when I was trying to get into everything from top to bottom — from what’s going into the product to how it’s looking to [the ingredients]. All the tiny things from smell to taste to the legitimacy of all these products actually being on your skin, going in your pores, and how that is going to affect you, all this stuff was really important.”

That’s very good news for fans who might have sensitive skin but also want to wear the bold, daring colors and glittery looks from the line.