‘SI Swimsuit’ Model Samantha Hoopes Looks Sultry In Black Lingerie, Glammed Up To Support Fiance At Event

Emma McIntyre

Samantha Hoopes posts quite a bit about her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit modeling adventures on her Instagram page, but this week, she’s been sharing a bit of variety. Hoopes is currently traveling with her fiance to support him in some business events he has been doing and she’s managed to look beautiful and sexy as she does it.

The most recent post Samantha Hoopes has put up on her Instagram page does show her in a bikini. She doesn’t specifically note that it is from a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot, but it looks like it probably is.

In the caption, Hoopes wrote extensively about self-love and positive thinking. Samantha also encouraged her followers to work out and eat healthy, noting that they all deserve it.

The photo itself shows the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model standing in the water with her hair wet and slicked back over her head. She’s wearing a bikini top that showcases plenty of cleavage, and the water level is right at her waist so little else can be seen.

Just before Thanksgiving, Hoopes posted a photo showing her about to get on a small airplane and she said she was ready for her favorite holiday. In the days since then, she has shared a few fun clips to her Instagram Stories.

In the first clip, Samantha can be seen getting ready to work out while she’s at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan, Italy. It’s only a little after 4 a.m. as she posts the photo, and she noted that the jet lag was getting to her.

A few hours later, Hoopes was in her room wearing some beautiful black lingerie as she sipped some coffee. She looked much perkier and had treated herself to a nice spread for breakfast, and Samantha looked gorgeous with her simple look and lacy lingerie that showed off her cleavage.

Other shots in her Instagram Stories showed her fiance Salvatore Palella giving a presentation and she noted that she was proud of her future husband. The two attended Private Banking Awards put together by Forbes and she wore a stunning black outfit for the event.

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Hoopes’ outfit looked like lacy black leggings and a peek of a black teddy under a blazer that had arms made of the same material as the leggings. Samantha wore high black heels and had her hair loose and down over her shoulders.

Fans have noticed that Samantha has a darker hair color at the moment and it suits her well. People are used to seeing her with blonde locks, but the brown does look gorgeous on her as well.

Palella mentioned in one of his Instagram posts that he would be traveling to London and a few other cities this week and it looks like Hoopes may well be traveling with him. The two got engaged last summer and look like they’re basking in their engagement.

Chances are good that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model will be sharing more bikini pictures or other enticing photos soon. For the moment, however, it looks like she’s focused on her fiance and his business events and Samantha Hoopes’ fans love to see her looking so happy and content.