Meghan Markle Look-A-Like Spotted In Russia, See The Photo For Yourself Taken By Vladislav Burnashev

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Meghan Markle has been rising in popularity ever since she married Prince Harry. And it turns out that the duchess has a convincing look-a-like in Russia, according to Metro UK. A photographer named Vladislav Burnashev was doing a street vox pop, asking passersby if he could take their photos. Vladislav took a photo of a woman named Anna, but it was only when he went to go edit the pictures from the day when he realized how similar she looks to the duchess.

“I was editing the vox pop, and as I was going through the pictures I realized how much one young woman resembled Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle. What do you think?”

However, the photographer realized the resemblance a little too late and is now resorting to spreading the message on social media in order to locate the woman, described the Siberian Times.

“Please can anyone help me find her? She is called Anna, please can you PM her phone or email. I would love to do her a proper photoshoot.”

Only time will tell whether Vladislav will be able to find Anna. But if the woman really does have the uncanny resemblance, it’s likely that others have told her of Meghan Markle. One of the photographer’s followers came up with their own theory.

“I think they are sisters, one was adopted to America, one stayed in Russia. Even their face moles are similarly positioned, only Meghan has hers above her upper lip and the Russian girl has it underneath.”

Of course, it seems very unlikely that the mystery woman is actually Meghan’s sister. But it just goes to show that the two appear very similar, at least from the one photo that was taken by Burnashev.

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Anna wouldn’t be the first look-a-like spotted since Meghan’s rise in popularity. Another woman named Stephanie Murray was discovered by The Canberra Times and has since signed onto a talent agency. Stephanie now spends her time flying to various locations for events to impersonate the duchess but hasn’t given up her waitressing job. She also recounted how royal fans will sometimes ask for photos and autographs because she can be mistaken for the real Meghan.

Meanwhile, there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding the duchess, as reports seem to confirm that she and Harry will be moving out of Kensington Palace and into Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle. Conflicting reports point to a strained relationship between Meghan and Kate or Harry and William as being the reason for the big move.