Kristen Doute Takes Aim At ‘The Hills’ Reboot, Says She Doesn’t Understand Mischa Barton’s Role On The Cast

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Kristen Doute doesn’t believe that The Hills is any match for Vanderpump Rules.

Ahead of the MTV series’ upcoming reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings, Doute spoke to the Daily Mail Australia about the new show, slamming the series as a “joke” and saying that it’s “very fake.”

“I think it’s such a joke,” she said. “I did The Hills, I know that it’s very fake.”

“They wish they were Vanderpump Rules. They say that we wish that we were them, but it’s vice versa,” Doute added.

Years ago, before joining the cast of Vanderpump Rules while working as a waitress at SUR Restaurant, Doute was involved with The Hills— as her ex-boyfriend and Bravo co-star, Tom Sandoval, appeared in an episode of the show. As fans may recall, Sandoval was seen shirtless on an early season of the show as he modeled at one of Lauren Conrad’s casting calls for Teen Vogue.

After labeling The Hills “fake,” Doute went on to diss MTV’s decision to cast Mischa Barton for their reboot. As fans may know, Barton wasn’t ever a part of the original series, nor does she appear to have any ties at all to the show’s cast. Instead, she starred on the scripted series The O.C., which Laguna Beach was ultimately based off of.

“So Mischa Barton is joining a reality show that’s based off a character off a scripted television show? I can’t. I can’t get into it at all,” Doute said.

As for Scheana Marie’s recent comments, comments which suggest that she wants to be a part of the new show, Doute said she wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

“Scheana’s not leaving Vanderpump Rules,” she laughed. “I would chain Scheana to her apartment if she tried to do The Hills reboot!”

Below is a photo of Mischa Barton preparing to film The Hills: New Beginnings.

Although Kristen Doute no longer works as a waitress at SUR Restaurant in West Hollywood, California, where Vanderpump Rules is filmed — she is still a big part of the show. She has maintained her full-time role for years after being fired from the venue.

During the seventh season of the show, Doute will continued to be featured on Vanderpump Rules. Her relationship with boyfriend Brian Carter — and her friendships with the rest of the cast — remain hot topics for the show’s viewers.

Vanderpump Rules Season 7 premieres on Monday, December 3. The show airs at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.