‘Botched’ Surgeon Terry Dubrow Set For Legal Mediation Over $3 Million Complaint From Unhappy Patient

Frederick BrownGetty Images

Top plastic and reconstructive surgeon Terry Dubrow was confronted by a patient recently, one who demanded money during a Skype conference before hiring a lawyer. The reason for her complaint? Allegedly, her butt reconstruction did not turn out as well as she had hoped.

The patient, who refused to have her post-recovery story filmed, was suffering from a deformity caused by the removal of five pounds of silicone from her bum.

Dubrow did not give in to the extortion demands, and so he is planning to meet with the disgruntled patient and her attorney, says PageSix.

“We’re told the patient has threatened to go public with accusations that Dubrow performed faulty surgery on her for over two years unless he pays her millions to keep quiet.”

The patient, whose name is not being released at this time, applied to be on the hit E! show Botched, and passed the medical, criminal, and psychological testing required to be on the program. She presented a claim regarding the after-effects of illegal injections of silicone to her buttocks over the years, and a failed procedure to remove the pounds of foreign material by a general surgeon.

After recovering from that initial surgery, she found that her buttock muscles were destroyed — requiring further surgery. Enter Dr. Dubrow.

Dubrow did not give the patient false hope, saying that he could make the affected area “85 percent” better before the patient “decided that she was unwilling to allow [producers] to reveal her [final result], saying that she’s not happy.”

In an effort to satisfy the patient, Dr. Dubrow was convinced to do an additional surgery, improving on the results — according to the patient’s assessment at the time. But despite the seemingly positive outcome, it was Dr. Dubrow and the Botched staff who pulled the plug on the televised reveal, because the patient was allegedly “non-compliant following the procedure.”

From Dubrow and the Botched staff’s perspective, the patient refused to follow directions post-surgery, which affected her outcome.

“After the procedure, she allegedly defied Dubrow’s orders and lay on her butt after surgery, which ultimately split her wound open. Dubrow and the Botched producers allegedly coordinated to get her to a wound care center immediately after she told them, but she refused to get it packed with gauze in order to heal it.”

According to Dubrow, he remained in touch and available to the patient, urging her to continue to be proactive in her recovery. Dr. Dubrow’s office was contacted later by another doctor to say that the patient had further complications after failing to remove gauze packing from the wound care center.

After that crisis was averted and the patient had recovered, she had a Skype conference with Dubrow and the producer of Botched, demanding a financial payout for her silence.

But the reconstructive surgeon is taking the high road, saying that if the patient is still dissatisfied, he is willing to help.

“Despite all the problems she may be trying to make for us, we are still here for her in the future if she ever wants to reach out to help her with her continuing problems.”