Sean Hayes Reveals What Happens Behind The Scenes On ‘Will & Grace’

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Sean Hayes spilled the beans on what happens behind the scenes on the Will & Grace set, telling Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen that Megan Mullally is the one who spends the most time on her phone and that he (Sean) is most likely to pick up the check at a group dinner.

As E! Online reports, Hayes stopped by the set of the freewheeling Bravo show to dish with host Andy Cohen about what goes on off-camera among the cast and crew of the hugely-popular NBC revival. The timing couldn’t have been better. Though only in its second season of revival, Will & Grace has actually been a thing for 20 years now, having debuted on NBC’s fall schedule back in 1998. In its original run, the show ran until 2006 before being brought back by NBC in the wake of a host of other old shows being rebooted on network TV in 2017.

By just about every indication, the cast, crew, writers, and producers of the show picked up right where they left off following their decade-long break. And the four main cast members – Megan Mullally (Karen Walker), Eric McCormack (Will Truman), Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland), and Debra Messing (Grace Adler) – remained fast friends during those 10 years. The chemistry between them showed when they started work again on the NBC revival.

Cohen peppered Hayes with personal questions about what goes on behind the scenes with his castmates, one after the other in the “lightning round.” Hayes was a good sport about it, trying to answer honestly while not embarrassing his castmates.

For example, when asked who took the lead in making sure the four main cast members stayed in touch, Hayes was quick to avoid putting it all on any one person.

“All of us, really.”

He was far less circumspect, however, when asked who is most likely to pick up the check at dinner; that’s all him, says Hayes.

Asked who gets the most drunk at cast parties, Sean said it was a “tie between Eric and Deb.” Asked who depends on their assistant the most, Hayes said “the girls,” referring to Messing and Adler. As for who the crew likes the most, Sean deflected, offering up director “Jimmy [James] Burrows,” whom Andy pointed out is the man who signs their paychecks. And as for who spends the most time on their phone, that’s easy: Hayes answered “Megan Mullally” without any hesitation.

Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC.