Justin Timberlake Postpones Concert Date After Suffering Bruised Vocal Cords

Kevin WinterGetty Images for iHeartMedia

Justin Timberlake has once again had to postpone another concert stop of his Man of the Woods Tour due to issues with his vocal cords.

The 37-year-old singer was scheduled to perform at the Los Angeles Staples Center on Nov. 27 and has had to postpone the show due to bruised vocal cords. The Staples Center confirmed the news via a tweet on Monday.

Fans are advised to hold onto to their tickets as the venue pledges to honor them for the rescheduled event at a later date.

“Justin Timberlake is sorry for the inconvenience to his fans,” the tweet reads.

This is the fourth time Timberlake has had to postpone his performances. He had to back out of shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden and KeyBank Center for the same reason back in October. Timberlake also postponed his show at the Tacoma Dome in Washington earlier this month.

Laryngopedia.com explains that bruising of vocal cords is when one or more capillaries in the vocal cords rupture, so that blood leaks into the tissue. This vocal cord bruising occurs as a result of excessively vigorous voice use, aggressive coughing, or even a very loud sneeze, and it can make the voice hoarse or otherwise limited.

On November 1, the singer held an entirely silent interview with good pal Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The singer fulfilled his Tonight Show obligation — he just didn’t say anything over the course of several segments and was pretty creative covering up his inability to utter a single word.

Fallon and Timberlake played a game with the singer’s wife, actress Jessica Biel.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry to announce I have to postpone the show at MSG tonight on doctor’s orders,” wrote the former boy band singer on Instagram on October 24. “I’m gonna make this up to you and the new show will be on my birthday, January 31.”

The singer and actor is in the midst of a monster, 112-date, worldwide stint of nearly 11 months as part of his Man of the Woods Tour.

The album Man of the Woods debuted at No. 1 atop the Billboard 200 album chart and has produced the two Top 10 singles “Filthy” and “Say Something.”

As a member of the 1990s pop group sensation ‘NSync, Timberlake hit No. 1 with the song “It’s Gonna Be Me.” During his career, he has had five number one hits, 19 top 10 hits and 33 songs to hit the Billboard charts.