'SI' Model Mara Martin Dons Sexy Attire While Holding Daughter On Instagram To Send A Feminist Message

Manuella Libardi

Mara Martin wants women to break the mold. On Monday, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself in risque attire while holding her baby daughter at her hip in an effort to encourage her social media followers to question gender roles.

In the snap, the 32-year-old model and mother of one dons black dress pants paired with an unbuttoned blazer while wearing nothing underneath, leaving her torso on display. Baby Aria, who was born early this year, is wearing a simple white onesie and is smiling big for the camera. Martin and Aria are posing in front of a white backdrop as Wilson also smiles at the camera.

In the caption, the model says that no single role that women assume in their everyday lives should define who they are, whether it be the role of a mother or the role of a swimsuit model.

"Break. The. Mold. Women and mothers do not fit into a category that define who we are and what we can become. A stay-at-home mother doesn't mean our only role is taking care of our children," she wrote in the caption. "Being a mom doesn't mean we can't be sexy and beautiful. Being a model doesn't mean we aren't intelligent, or business savvy. Being a business leader doesn't mean we live in an office and leave our parenting responsibilities behind."

"I love this! The fact that you make it clear that we all have different definitions of doing it all and that no one should feel pressured or expected to do anything more than parenting. We are all unique and original - us mommies do what works best for us as individuals according to our own situation and lifestyle," one of the commenters wrote.

Martin previously made headlines in July when she walked the Sports Illustrated runway at the 2018 Miami Swim Week while breastfeeding Aria, then 5 months old, as Glamour reported at the time. Martin was one of 16 finalists chosen to appear at the event, the report continued.

Rocking a metallic gold, one-shouldered bikini, Martin walked the runway with baby Aria attached to her breast with noise-canceling headphones over her ears.

"Don't let others define who you are. There is only one mold you fit in, and that's the mold you've made for yourself," Martin concluded her Instagram post on Monday.