Sofia Richie Reportedly Annoyed Fans Think Kourtney Kardashian Looks Like Her In Recent Instagram Pic Per ‘HL’

Sofia wears a strapless dress.
Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer / Getty Images

A recent Instagram post by Kourtney Kardashian had fans doing a double take, as many people poured in with comments saying that they thought Kourtney was actually Sofia. Arguably, it’s not hard to see why fans were thinking this, considering that the photo showed Kourtney wearing oversized glasses, thus obscuring much of her face. But that’s no consolation to Richie, who apparently has some strong reactions to the incident, according to the Hollywood Life.

“Sofia doesn’t love the comparisons between her and Kourtney. She does not feel they look alike, and it’s annoying that people try to make that connection. The pic everyone is talking about right now saying Kourtney looks like her is a reach as far as Sofia is concerned. She doesn’t agree at all and does not feel comfortable being compared to Scott’s much older ex.”

This is hardly the first time that Sofia’s had to deal with such comparisons, however. Some have even speculated in the past that Richie has tried to look more like the Kardashians due to styling choices both due to hairstyles and outfits, described Hollywood Life. Others think Sofia’s gotten plastic surgery, but that’s all just speculation. But if it’s true that the young model doesn’t want to be compared to Kourtney, then it wouldn’t seem likely that she would have put forth that much effort to emulate the Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Sofia spent Thanksgiving with her family sans boyfriend, Scott Disick. He spent the holidays with Kourtney and their three kids, although reports later surfaced that he felt badly about ditching his girlfriend. And while Sofia’s been spotted out at dinner with the Kardashians, it’s hard to know whether she’ll be officially invited to family gatherings in the future.

It hasn’t been exactly easy for Richie to date Disick, considering the long history he has with one of the most talked-about women in Hollywood. Between all of the rumors and Scott spending tons of time with his ex, it would appear that the young model has had to be patient throughout it all.

But at the very least, it does appear that Scott is finally starting to include his girlfriend in his social media feed. There were reports previously that Sofia was wondering why Scott never featured her in social media posts. However, he finally posted a picture of the two lounging on a chair, joking about how long it would take before Richie would “steal” his sweater. It wasn’t long after that when Sofia posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing the sweater.