Jenna Bush Hager And Savannah Guthrie Test Out CoolSculpting, A Procedure Meant To Reduce Fat

Al BelloGetty Images

Many celebrities and athletes have taken to social media to rave about a trendy new treatment called CoolSculpting. The procedure is said to reduce body fat by freezing fat cells. Although it is not recommended for people trying to lose a large amount of weight, it can act as a quick way to target small areas of fat you can’t seem to get rid of. But does it really work? Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager decided to find out for their “Does it Work?” segment of the Today Show.

The pair were admittedly skeptical upon seeing the advertisements for CoolSculpting. It seemed like a quick fix for a problem that millions of people struggle with. Still they thought the best way to find out for sure was by trying it for themselves. “Supposedly the doctors say that it works,” Savannah said. “I don’t know. I think to be clear about it, it’s really just a spot treatment. We just thought it would be fun to try it.”


The procedure is non-invasive, lasting only for about 35 minutes. Laura Dyer, a consultant for the company, provided further information into what exactly is happening during these procedures and why it is so appealing to those trying to lose fat. “Because of the fact that we’re freezing these fat cells to the point where we’re causing fat cell death, your body will naturally eliminate them over the course of the next two to three months,” Dyer said. “But once those fat cells are dead and gone, they are dead and gone permanently.”

Savannah decided to have the procedure done on her arms while Jenna opted for her stomach. While NBC paid for the procedures, they didn’t come cheap. Savannah’s session cost $5,850 while Jenna’s came to the total of a whopping $7,800. Jenna’s session was more pricey because she chose to have several different applicators used in order to eliminate the most fat. Although neither said the procedure was especially painful, they did say they had to distract themselves from the cold.

Savannah and Jenna both said they could notice a small reduction of their body fat after receiving the treatment. However, Jenna isn’t convinced the effects are long lasting. Although she could see a difference in the flatness of her stomach at first, she believes her body soon reverted back. She joked that any fat lost as a result of her procedure was certainly gained back during Thanksgiving dinner.