Lawmaker Arrested Again: Steven Brooks Jailed For Domestic Battery, Obstructing Officer

Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested for the second time in less than two months early Sunday, this time on suspicion of physically attacking a female member and reaching for an officer’s weapon.

Brooks’ arrest came days after he took a three-week leave following his January 19 arrest. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brooks allegedly threatened to shoot Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick. He was charged with a felony count of intimidating a public officer with physical force and had his bail set at $100,000.

According to The Huffington Post, the 40-year-old North Las Vegas Democrat was “agitated” and refused to obey police officers’ orders when they responded to a report of a domestic dispute and found Brooks outside the home. He is accused of fighting with police and reaching for one of the officer’s weapons when they tried to arrest him.

Police spokesman Bill Cassell said the domestic dispute officers were responding to happened inside the home, but he did not know the homeowner’s identity. Las Vegas police have a policy of not identifying the relationship of domestic dispute victims to suspects, Cassell said.

Brooks was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on misdemeanor charges of domestic battery and obstructing a public officer. Bail was set at $4,000 and Brooks has an initial court appearance scheduled for Monday morning.

“It’s unfortunate that these things are happening in Mr. Brooks’ life, and I’m grateful no one was injured,” Assembly Majority Leader William Horne told The Associated Press. “I’m not a mental expert. But I would agree it has shown some signs that Mr. Brooks is dealing with problems that may distract from his ability to do the service he was elected to do.”