‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Admits He Regrets How Things Fell Apart With Jenni Pulos

Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis attend Bravo's First 'A-List Awards' show
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Fans of the Bravo show Flipping Out had been bracing themselves for the big fight that they knew was coming between stars Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos. Word about the relationship-ending fight had emerged before the season even started to air and it played out on-screen during the finale. Now, Jeff and Jenni have shared some additional thoughts about what went down.

People shares that during a recent Jeff Lewis Live radio show on Sirius XM, the Flipping Out star said that he wanted to note a couple of things about what went down, although he said he wasn’t trying to change anybody’s opinion.

Lewis said that when he watched the episode that showed the fight, he felt that it was very raw and it made him feel sad and uncomfortable. That footage ended up feeling like a true documentary to him in a sense, as it wasn’t edited and manipulated.

Jeff does say now that in looking back and thinking about it all, he wishes he’d done things differently. The Flipping Out star realizes that calling Jenni out in front of others while they were all in the car together was probably a bad call, and it certainly put Pulos in a difficult spot.

Jenni and Jeff still have not repaired their relationship, nor does it sound as if that will ever be an option. Lewis says that he does have deep regrets about what happened, admitting that what he was upset about at the time wasn’t worth losing a friendship over.

In the months since the fight happened, Jeff has spoken out a fair amount about the situation. He even found himself in hot water with Bravo at one point when he got a bit too snarky about Jenni being on the promotional materials for the show. However, Pulos has mostly kept her thoughts to herself.

Earlier this month, Jenni did talk with People about the demise of the relationship. She said she was completely blindsided by Jeff deciding to fire her from his design company. Pulos said she always envisioned seeing the show through until its very end, and she was puzzled by his thoughts on her involvement in things.

Ultimately, Jenni came to feel that they simply saw things differently. While Lewis reportedly offered up the idea of having Pulos stick around as a “friend,” she said she wasn’t going to stick with Flipping Out and fake anything. She also felt that it was impossible to continue a friendship with someone who felt as Jeff did about her.

Season 11 has wrapped now, and everything seems up in the air about the future of the show. Bravo hasn’t renewed or canceled it officially, but Jeff Lewis did note that his contract was not renewed. As for Jenni Pulos, it looks as if she’s moving on to other projects whether the show returns for Season 12 or not.