‘Southern Charm’ Creator Whitney Sudler-Smith & Mom Patricia Altschul Share A Fun Christmas Eve Tradition

The 'Charming' twosome have made viewing a favorite film an annual tradition.

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Ho, Ho, Ho" Episode 514 -- Pictured: (l-r) Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul -
Paul Cheney / Bravo TV

The 'Charming' twosome have made viewing a favorite film an annual tradition.

Every family has their own holiday traditions and it’s the same for Southern Charm creator and filmmaker Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mother, Patricia Altschul. Sudler-Smith has cut down his on-screen time and tends to keep a low profile, but now and then his mama shares a tidbit or two about what’s up with Whitney.

Bravo TV shared a recent chat between the two, and it was amusing as usual. But Whitney chimed in that it’s not always so funny for the adult child of a very candid woman on television.

“I mean, it’s a bit of a nightmare in that a lot like having anyone’s parents [on TV], they show baby pictures or talk about your love life or something; you’re always like, ‘Mom! I feel like I’m the parent in the relationship and I’m constantly kind of monitoring what she says or does. But my mom, she just doesn’t give a sh–, much to my horror and anxiety.”

But Mrs. Altschul is an independent-minded woman who loves her son, but will never be muzzled. She told the world on Twitter that every Christmas Eve, she and Whitney watch the classic Auntie Mame.

“We watch Auntie Mame every Christmas Eve… our little tradition.”

But Altschul does credit Whitney with helping her see Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis in a different light. Over the last season of the hit Bravo show, the show’s creator told his mother that Kathryn had really grown up, and the two had developed a friendship.

Combine that with the rude behavior of Thomas Ravenel and his Season 5 girlfriend, and Altschul turned away from #TeamThomas.

Ravenel had started posting negative things about Patricia, suggesting that he didn’t approve of her manners.

“The classy Grande Dame of Southern Charm is attacking me by retweeting nasty troll accounts. She doesn’t seem like the queen of gentility to me. The queen of Southern gentility and the recent author on Southern etiquette has blocked me from Twitter and IG. Just FYI.”

After Altschul and Dennis mended their rift, Ravenel suggested that the two women were ganging up on him and his sometimes girlfriend. They even posted that Patricia has someone who tweets and posts on social media on her behalf.

“You dont even tweet your own tweets, Patricia! Why people even bother tweeting you is beyond me!”

While Patricia often takes the high road, she wasn’t going to let this dig go by, as she wants fans to know that anything posted on Twitter or Instagram under her name is indeed Miss Patricia herself.

“I reply myself…I run my twitter, Instagram and to a lesser extent Facebook…only because I think it’s losing its luster. What’s ironic is that you tweeted me #HiAshley”