Roseanne Barr Hasn’t Spoken To Co-Star Sara Gilbert Since Show’s Cancellation

Andrew H. WalkerGetty Images

Roseanne Barr and her former co-star, Sara Gilbert, have reportedly had no contact since the cancellation of the show’s revival.

According to a Nov. 26 report by Radar Online, Roseanne Barr and Sara Gilbert haven’t spoken to one another since before the show was cancelled due to Roseanne’s insensitive tweets about former Obama aid Valerie Jarrett earlier this year.

During a recent sit-down with Australia’s TV Week magazine, Gilbert reveals that she had “reached out to Roseanne” following the racist tweet scandal, but that her former on-screen TV mom hasn’t responded to her at all. “We haven’t spoken yet,” Sara confirmed.

As many fans will remember, Barr called Gilbert a traitor following the show being cancelled, as Sara spoke out in disgust against Roseanne’s Twitter comments.

“Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. I am disappointed in her actions to say the least,” Sara Gilbert said of Roseanne Barr’s comments at the time.

Other members of the cast, including Michael Fishman and Emma Kenney, also spoke out about the comments, slamming their co-star for her insensitive words against Jarrett.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Roseanne’s other former co-stars, John Goodman, who played the role of her husband, Dan Conner, and Laurie Metcalf, who portrayed her sister, Jackie Harris, didn’t speak out about the cancellation until months later when the show had been picked up for a spin-off featuring the entire cast, minus Barr, titled The Conners.

“There was a lot of risk involved, but we all decided as a group to take the risk, knowing that we could be judged by deciding to come back,” Metcalf stated.

“There was the feeling of not wanting it to go away until we were ready. There was a debt owed to this fictional family. We want to finish telling this story,” Goodman said, adding that Barr signing off on the show and characters she created so that the spin-off could happen was wonderful. “That was a very big deal. To give us a chance,” he said.

The Conners now airs on Tuesday nights on ABC in the same time slot that Roseanne once aired. All of the famous family from Lanford have returned for the show, including John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert, and the character of Roseanne was killed off due to her prescription medication addiction.